An International Program for Politics, Cyber and Government


·       The Program is the first in the world to combine politics, cyber and government, arousing the interest of international students from leading countries worldwide.

·       Due to the pandemic, the Program was launched this year as a small-scale pilot and is expected to expand considerably next year.

·       The Head of the Program, Prof. Eviatar Matania: “Israel is a global power in Cyber, Cyber-Digital and Artificial Intelligence. That’s why students come to us from all over the world, to learn from the world’s leading researchers in their fields.”

Many students around the world are showing interest in TAU’s new international Cyber Politics & Government Program. The unique Program, first of its kind in the world, is taught in English, targeting Master’s students from Israel and overseas who wish to learn about the cyber-digital revolution and its impact on politics, society and the economy. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Program was launched this year as a small-scale pilot. It is expected to expand considerably next year, to include large numbers of international students. The Program is offered by the School of Political Science, Government and International Affairs at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Head of the Program is Prof. Eviatar Matania, who until recently headed the Israel National Cyber Directorate. According to Prof. Matania, “The new Program provides the knowledge and skills required for leading operations, strategy and policy in the rapidly developing cyber world. The Program is open to people with or without technological background, because it aims to understand the non-technological sides of the cyber and digital worlds: modern economics, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber threats and cyber security, and the resulting changes in society, culture and politics.”

Prof. Matania divides the international students interested in the Program into three groups: those coming from the technological disciplines who wish to understand the broader aspects of the cyber-digital revolution; those from management and government, who need these tools to manage large systems in the new world; and finally students from various interfacing disciplines whom wish to broaden their education – and anchor their own research in the dramatic changes taking place in politics, society and the economy.”

Prof. Matania emphasizes: “Israel is a global power in Cyber, Cyber-Digital and Artificial Intelligence, and that is why students from all over the world, Including the USA, China, India and leading European countries,  are interested in our Program. The leaders of the revolution in industry and government are here. We compete with the world’s leading universities, such as Columbia and Oxford, and I have no doubt that we will see outstanding students from all over the world in our unique Program.”

Finally, Prof. Matania stresses: “When people think of Cyber, they think of cyberattacks, but we are trying to break out of this outdated perception. Cyber is much more than attacks and security. It is the new economy and new politics and new culture and new society. Anyone who wishes to take part in government and the management of large systems in the future must become acquainted with the connections between strategy, policy and technology.”

TAU’s VP International, Prof. Milette Shamir, adds: “The new Cyber Program is an important addition to the series of international programs offered by TAU. Our programs, built upon a solid foundation of local expertise, include studies in security and diplomacy, conflict resolution, emergency management, environment, immigration, archaeology, documentary films and more. Today we create programs in which Israeli and foreign students from all over the world study together, generating a unique dialogue between the local and the global.”

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