Legacy of Jean Baudrillard. A breath of fresh amidst pandemia and world of simulation

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 “Pataphysician at twenty – situationist at thirty – utopian at forty –
transversal at fifty – viral and metaleptic at sixty – the whole of my history.”

Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard, the French thinker, is one of the dazzling figures who is hard to describe. Some “classify” him as a sociologist, cultural theorist, philosopher, scientist, photographer, prophet and even “God”. Conversely, some consider him to not be completely sane and a “philosopher clown”, “a political idiot … ignorant and cynical” whose writings are way obscure. So many men, so many minds. Yet, don’t we see this hardwired, inescapable repetition in the history of humanity when the worlds’ greatest minds have always been controversial for the masses? It’s a rhetorical question. But one thing is certain, it is rather a complicated task to critique the works of Jean Baudrillard, ones who truly succeed in criticizing and perhaps, deserve much respect.

Monsieur Jean Baudrillard is an author of more than 60 books that stirred and shook the world and still does today, perhaps to awaken the modern-day “existence”, which is immersed and overwhelmed by peoples’ delusion, misconceptions, and total delirium. His writings cover practically every issue that matters and relate to all; from reality to consumerism to political intricacies to sexuality to history to long term prognosis to human beings as such. His ideas also stand behind movies, such as the well known The Matrix series produced by The Wachowski Sisters and V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue and written by The Wachowski Sisters. Baudrillard was a Professor at the Paris X Nanterre University and later at the European Graduate School. 

Surprisingly enough, Jean Baudrillard’s works did not get as much attention in the Russian speaking area as it did primarily in France (later on), USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, New Zealand, and Australia. It seems this is not going to be the case further on. Ukrainian academician Dr. Oleg Maltsev has been studying Jean Baudrillard’s works very closely at the intersection of disciplines. Being also a chairman of an old “Odessa Photographic Society” it turned out Oleg Maltsev has long been into professional film photography, as his assistants told Jewish Review, Maltsev is also looking into photography of Jean Baudrillard to understand his philosophy and sociology from another perspective.

Photo by Jean Baudrillard. Photographies 1985-1998

In early 2020, Oleg Maltsev set the beginning of an unprecedented non-commercial project dedicated to Jean Baudrillard as a prominent thinker and a scientist and further research of his ideas and works. The project unites Baudrillard scholars globally via interviews and discussions in the frameworks of Expedition Magazine. To the knowledge of Jewish Review, for now, there have been more than 10 interviews with Baudrillard fellows, critical admirers, friends, and researchers: Dr. Athur Kroker, Dr. Thierry Bardini, Dr. Rex Butler, Dr. Steven Best, Dr. Jean Bricmont, Ph.D. Tommaso Fagioli, Dr. Bernardo Attias, and Dr. Brett Nicholls among others. The research team is thankful to Jeremy Fernando, Olivier Roller and to all who helped with recommendations and references. To the knowledge of Jewish Review, there are about 30 interviews planned to be conducted before May 2020. 

“Jean Baudrillard is a genius.
These kinds of individuals are
born once in a century.”

Academician Oleg Maltsev

One of our journalists had partial access to watch 3-week scientific expedition and fieldwork held to Portugal, by Expeditionary Corps* with the guidance of Oleg Maltsev. A large part of the expedition was dedicated to the study of philosophy, sociology and main concepts of Jean Baudrillard through his photography and texts such as Jean Baudrillard: Photographies 1985-1998 (by Peter Weibel and Baudrillard), Impossible Exchange, System of Objects, The Transparency of Evil, America, Symbolic Exchange and Death, Cool Memories, Perfect Crime, The Spirit of Terrorism And Requiem for the Twin Towers, Screened Out, and uncollected interviews with Le Monde, Chronic Art, and separate individuals. Due credit must be given to the captain of the group and the dedication of all and superiorly-coordinated three weeks of non-stop work, after which every participant of the expedition (online and offline) immensely benefited from the perspective of applying received knowledge in self-improvement and more effective activity in their own fields of professional activity.

Expeditionary Corps in Portugal, March 2020

*The Expeditionary Corps headed by Maltsev is a group of scholars with various expertise, businessmen, lawyers, photographers, strategic consultants, and security specialists who investigate and integrate scientific methods for tackling highly complex tasks in the field of the professional services industry.

As of today (March 21, 2020) simultaneously with an international symposium held in Portugal, Memory Institute think-tank headed by the Ukrainian scientist is conducting a non-commercial online marathon on their Facebook page dedicated to the legacy of Jean Baudrillard and the category in science titled “Psychology of Inferiority”. 24 hour online streams are accessible to all internet users with engaging video materials (mostly in the Russian language), analysis of Jean Baudrillard photography, commentaries of The Matrix and V for Vendetta, fragments of the symposium and other scientific meetings related to applied psychology and excerpts from interviews with Baudrillard scholars and research (critical admirers as well). In a talk of Jewish Review with one of the translators of Maltsev Oleg, she said “What can I say? Jean Baudrillard’s ideas and works are totally seductive. Once you immerse yourself in the Baudrillard world you are compelled, in a positive sense, to go deeper and deeper. As a person who was never interested in photography and knew nothing of it, now has a passion to master JB style photography! Pure joy and deep gratitude to Dr. Maltsev for this unparalleled opportunity and a chance to find out about this genius intellectual – Monsieur Baudrillard!”

Several days ago there was a presentation of the book “Psychology of Photographer” (by Oleg Maltsev and Alexey Knignik) about the psychology of inferiority on the example of photography. Currently, the book can be freely accessed via Google Books in the Russian language (to our knowledge it might be translated into English as well). 

A man from the audience: 
“What would you like to be said about you? In other words, who are you?”
Jean Baudrillard:
“What I am, I don’t know. I am the simulacrum of myself.”
(New York gallery, 2005) 

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