Survey Reveals That 80% of Israeli’s Believe High-Tech Heavily Influences Israel’s International Standing

9 December, Tel Aviv, Israel: A survey conducted by the Geocartography Institute, a leading Israeli research institute, ahead of the first-ever DiploTech Global Summit 2020 which aims to build bridges through Israeli innovation, found that 35% of Israelis prefer to be vaccinated with a vaccine developed in Israel than from any other country.

The survey also explored the influence of the Israeli high-tech scene on Israel’s political image. It found that 80% of Israelis believe that Israeli high-tech heavily influences Israel’s global political standing. In addition, more than 51% state that of the various high-tech fields, cyber is the field most identified with the State of Israel, and more than 15% indicated the field of agricultural technologies (Agritech) is the area most identified with Israeli innovation.

The DiploTech Global Summit 2020, which takes place on 16 December 2020, 6pm IL / 11am EST, is an initiative spearheaded by Ambassador Danny Danon. He will be joined at the first-of-its-kind summit by world leaders and policymakers, including Ambassador Nikki Haley, as well as Israel’s innovators and entrepreneurs. The speakers will explore and discuss how a combination of technology and diplomacy can help us overcome global challenges in a post-COVID world.

The survey also reveals that aside from the 35% of Israelis that prefer to be vaccinated with a vaccine developed in Israel, assuming it is approved for use soon, 19.5% prefer to be vaccinated with a vaccine from a company from abroad (Pfizer, AstraZenica, etc.) and 45% have no preference for any vaccine.

The survey was conducted in the State of Israel with 500 individuals aged 18 and over who constitute a national and representative sample of this population in the State of Israel, inclusive of the Jewish and Arab sector.

Ambassador Danny Danon said: “There is no doubt that Israel’s innovative technology helps build diplomatic bridges and supports our positioning as a “startup nation” in the eyes of the world. Israel is a leader in many areas such as cyber and agriculture. In the five years I served at the United Nations as Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative I witnessed the admiration of Israeli knowledge and innovation. I very much anticipate that Israel will be among the first countries to issue a Coronavirus vaccine which I hope will further contribute to the positive image and appreciation for the State of Israel.”

Additional findings from the survey

Segmentation by income level: 92% of above-average income earners believe that Israeli high-tech contributes to Israel’s political image, compared to only 75% of below-average income earners and 83% of average income earners. 47% of those with above-average incomes prefer a vaccine developed in Israel, compared with only 31% of those with below-average incomes and 37% of those with average incomes

Segmentation by age: The older generation of adults have a stronger belief in an Israeli vaccine compared to the younger generation. Of the respondents who answered that they would prefer a vaccine produced in Israel, over 45% of them are aged 55 and over, compared with 30% of young people aged 18-34 and 36% of those aged 35-54

Segmentation by sex: Men prefer an Israeli vaccine, for women it does not matter. 40% of men answered that they prefer an Israeli vaccine, while more than 55% of women answered that they have no preference for any vaccine

Segmentation by area of residence: About half (49%) of the residents of the south of Israel prefer an Israeli vaccine, compared to only 26% of residents of Jerusalem, 30% of residents of the Sharon, 36% of residents of the north and 35% of residents of the central region. In addition, half (58%) of Jerusalemites have no preference for any vaccine, compared with 30% of residents of the south of Israel, 43% of residents of the north, 45% of residents of the center and 53% of residents of the Sharon

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