About the Jewish Review

The Jewish Review is a twice-monthly, non-profit tabloid newspaper published since 1959 by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.

The Jewish Review publishes local, national and world news of interest to the Jewish community. The paper is distributed free of cost by mail to all who request it. It is also available in street boxes, libraries, markets and restaurants.

Because the Jewish Review is a federation paper and because the federation is the central fund-raising organization for the Jewish community, the Review takes a user-friendly approach to its journalism, endeavoring always to be a friend in every Jewish home, while also not failing to address key issues that face Jews today. We do this by presenting a broad range of perspectives on current issues, if not always in the same edition where there may be space limitations, then over time.

The Jewish Review is a member of the American Jewish Press Associations, which has awarded the Review many of its prestigious and highly coveted Rockower Awards for journalistic excellence in many different categories including international reporting, commentary, personality profiles, arts and criticism, comprehensive coverage and photography. The Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and the Oregon Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists also have honored the Jewish Review on several occasions.