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The most Jewish moments from Barbra Streisand’s memoir

(JR) — Throughout Hollywood history, many stars of Jewish ancestry have soft-pedaled that heritage, changing their names or speaking rarely, if at all, about their Jewishness. No one can accuse Barbra Streisand of either. The singer and actress of the stage and screen — one of the most beloved Jewish American icons of the past […]

An Argentine-Jewish soccer announcer talked about the hostages on air. His aunt was just released by Hamas.

BUENOS AIRES (JR) — For weeks, TV soccer announcer Hernan Feler has been making headlines by talking about the Israeli hostages being held by Hamas during broadcasted games. In doing so, he has mentioned one Israeli by name: his aunt, Ofelia Roitman, who was captured in Kibbutz Nir Oz on Oct. 7. “Omitting and staying […]

Antisemitic incidents have surged 320% in Germany since Oct. 7, watchdog finds

Despite unrest in Indonesia, a Jewish community finds peace among other faith groups

German-Jewish singer apologizes for falsely accusing Leipzig hotel of antisemitism

Argentina’s president-elect, Javier Milei, visits Lubavitcher rabbi’s grave to offer thanks for his surprise victory

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