$2 million investment in cultured milk products from Coca-Cola Israel

Science and Health
This week, the Central Bottling Company (CBC) agreed to invest in Israeli food-tech company, BioMilk for the development of products based on cultured milk.
In the terms agreed, which are subject to the signing of a final agreement, CBC will invest up to $2 million in BioMilk. BioMilk aims to produce technologically groundbreaking products which are not from living or plant sources as they have the lowest carbon footprint. 
“We are pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with a leading food and beverage company which aims to lead to the integration of our technological solutions into CBC’s products,” Tomer Eisen, CEO of BioMilk, said of the deal.
Yoram Sagy, the President of the Central Bottling Company, explained, “the innovation arm of CBC has been working in recent years to locate the world’s most advanced technologies in the field of food development.”
Those involved say the deal is meant to enable the two companies to get ahead of the market of dairy consumers in Israel and around the world with groundbreaking products, with an emphasis on “cultured” milk produced by BioMilk. 

BioMilk is also the first company in the field of cultured milk that receives a strategic investment from a leading dairy industry player, making this a historic deal.
The Central Bottling Company is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of drinks such as Coca-Cola and beers such as Tuborg and Carlsberg.