23,000 people buy a zoo to save the animals


Hundreds of animals will soon be released after a nonprofit organization Rewild has managed to raise €677,000 in 7 days from 23.3K on Go Fund Me to buy the Pont-Scorff zoo.

The Pont-Scorff Zoo in Brittany, France, will release all its animals and turn it into an animal rehabilitation center.

At a staggering rate, over 23,000 people donated their money to help the organization buy the zoo. In fact, the organization signed a purchase contract on December 16 and had six months to collect the purchase amount of €600,000.

In fact, crowdfunding was so successful that the total donations reached € 677,000. Marc Simoncini, one of the most successful web entrepreneurs in France donated €250,000. While it sounds like the organization has received big funds, it is expected that they will have to spend about €100,000 each month for workers’ pay, live food, live medical care and maintenance of the place.

According to the organization’s employees, they wanted to buy the zoo due to the animal’s poor medical condition. They were in life-threatening condition.

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