4 Outsourcing Opportunities that Can Help Startups


By Contributing Author

Self-sufficiency is a goal that many new businesses strive to reach. Ideally, a company would employ a diverse range of professionals and be able to address any problem that it encounters. However, few startups have the available capital and resources to hire that many employees on a full-time basis. Rather, they need to look to freelancers and outsourcing options to address issues as they arise. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a bad thing; outsourcing a tough, specific task to a dedicated pro or freelancer is a great way to solve problems without placing an undue burden on your regular staff. With that in mind, today we’ll share four outsourcing opportunities that no small business should overlook:

Technical Support

In business, time is money. And the last thing a startup owner wants is for their dedicated staff to spend their time fixing IT problems. Unfortunately, if you’re suffering from a tech issue, it can be difficult to tackle any other task in the meantime. As such, it’s typically a wise play to connect with an IT provider who can offer services on an as-needed basis. Doing so may just allow you to avoid a tech disaster!


Freelance writers are some of the most versatile –– and affordable –– employees a business can choose to partner with. Some companies may decide to hire a freelancer to handle all of their in-house content. Or, they may opt to bring on a freelancer for assistance with a large project like an e-Book or white paper. Either way, it’s important never to underestimate the power of the written word –– particularly in the digital age.

Digital Marketing

Hiring an SEO expert and/or a PPC consult will help your business expand its visibility online and, in the long run, generate better leads from marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many startup owners neglect marketing strategies and prioritize other projects in the early stages of their reign. This is a mistake. Unless you begin marketing right away, the rest of your hard work could go to waste.

Legal Services

No one enters the business world expecting to get sued. And yet, the truth is that many new business owners find themselves in positions where they require the advice of a legal counsel. From disagreements with employees, to partnership contracts, to simply filing taxes correctly, startup owners have a number of legal minefields to navigate to avoid litigation or potential fines. Given that fact, it’s imperative to find a business lawyer that you trust, and who, if at all possible, specializes in your field as well.