8 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashana photo by Dror Avi- Wikipedia

by Contributing Author

Rosh Hashanah is upon us. This is a time for celebration and reflection on the past year, but it’s also a great opportunity to start looking at how we can improve our lives in the coming year. One of the best ways to do that is to prepare your home for Rosh Hashanah! As the High Holy Days begin and as we gear up for a new year, we at Kayco  just wanted to share with you a few ways you can get your home ready for the upcoming holidays.

Do some shopping

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According to some sources, the beginning of the new year (Rosh Hashanah) is the busiest time of the year for kosher markets and grocery stores. As part of your preparations for Rosh Hashanah, why not do some shopping? Pick up the essentials for a family dinner or some fish, chicken, or beef for the Rosh Hashanah meal. If you need to stock up on candles, greeting cards, and new table linens, too, now’s your chance.

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Give your home a deep clean.

  • Sweep, mop and vacuum. Make sure you have a clean floor to begin Rosh Hashanah by sweeping the kitchen, bathroom and other areas you use often. If possible, sweep the whole house before the holiday starts to eliminate any dust or dirt that might be present.
  • Wash your dishes. Washing dishes is one of those things that seems like it should be easy but can often require quite a bit of time and effort if they’re not done right away — especially if they’re left soaking in water overnight! Don’t let this happen; instead, wipe down all metal surfaces with a cloth or paper towel before putting them away for storage during Rosh Hashanah (which means no plastic bags). This will prevent rust from forming on metal objects like utensils or glassware later on when they’ve been sitting around exposed for long periods without protection against moisture damage caused by condensation buildup inside containers’ walls due to lack of ventilation ability within their confines, given how tightly packed they become during storage conditions (which includes keeping everything away from sunlight).

Spice things up

The beauty of the Jewish New Year is that it comes twice a year. This means that you have an opportunity to freshen up your home twice a year! Whether you want to add splashes of color or bring a new texture into your home, Rosh Hashanah can be the perfect opportunity to make things feel brand new again. The best part about this is that it can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint on a wall or as involved as pulling up old carpeting in favor of hardwood floors.

Light some candles

Candles are a symbol of the Jewish holiday. They can be used as a source of light and warmth, which is especially important during Rosh Hashanah when the sun sets earlier than usual. Candles can also create an atmosphere in your home that feels more festive, welcoming, and even romantic! If you’re feeling romantic this year, think about lighting candles around your house or in front of it on Rosh Hashanah (or any day).

Make sure you have enough dinnerware and serving dishes

You will have a lot of guests at your house this year, so you need to ensure they are comfortable. You can do this by providing them with the right dishes and serving utensils. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Paper plates and cups are not kosher; they’re considered impure according to Jewish law. So don’t use them! Instead, use ceramic or stainless steel options that won’t absorb grease or liquid.
  • Plastic utensils are also off-limits—they aren’t kosher because they could contain non-kosher ingredients (like wheat). If you’re worried about cross-contamination from other foods on your tablecloth, consider using wooden spoons instead of plastic ones (but remember: if there is any doubt about whether something is supposed to be served up as meatballs without anisette sauce on top like in this recipe from The Ultimate Kosher Cookbook by Sholom Schwartzbard then consult a rabbi before proceeding!).

Decorate the mantel

If you have a mantel in your home, it’s a great place to add some holiday flair. You can hang pictures of family members or even put up a photo of the Rosh Hashanah celebration itself. If you don’t have a mantel, consider decorating an end table or nightstand with flowers or candles so that guests feel at home when they arrive.

Use only a little wax when lighting candles on Shabbat and other holidays; just enough to keep them lit without dripping down onto everything else around them!

Set your dining room table

It’s important to set the table on Rosh Hashanah. The tradition is for family members to gather together, eat and drink wine or grape juice until late into the night. If you’re hosting a large meal this year, it’s best to ensure that your dining room table has enough plates, silverware and napkins so everyone can enjoy their meal comfortably. It’s also helpful if you decide on a theme for your tables—such as “America” or “Babylon”—so everyone gets involved with decorating at home before heading out for dinner.

If possible (and if there’s room), use a tablecloth as well; otherwise, try placing an extra cloth over the top of existing tablecloths, so they’re all visible at once! Candles are ideal here because they add ambience without overpowering anything else around them; consider having some ready-made candles available so guests can light them themselves instead of relying solely upon your efforts!

Create a playlist

This is one of the easiest ways to get your home ready for Rosh Hashanah, and it’s also one of the most fun! All you need is an internet-connected device (like an iPhone or Android phone), some music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music) and a few hours to listen to songs that make you smile. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Start with upbeat songs that celebrate happiness and joy. You can add them directly to your playlists on Spotify or Apple Music; click on “New Playlist” at any time during their respective sign-up processes if they haven’t already asked for permission. This will give them access right away—you don’t have any excuse not to start listening today!

Final Words

Rosh Hashanah is a special time of the year, and it’s important to ensure your home is ready for the holiday. These tips should help you get started!