About Love-takes us out for Air


Do you remember your first love? If you do or don’t, it’s definitely a good time to think about it.

SILVIA BOND and JEFFREY KRINGER in ‘About Love’ photo by Russ Rowland

Tsipi Inberg Ben-Haim

Do you remember your first love? If you do or don’t, it’s definitely a good time to think about it. It’ll give you a healthy break from the nonstop bad news about the Corona Virus spreading worldwide or the vicious political campaigns that seem to forget that we’re all human!

In this new play presented by the culture project About Love is giving you the opportunity to go out for air! 95minutes of ongoing entertainment with songs, music, and Lyrics by jazz artist Nancy Harrow and script and direction by Will Pomerantz.

SILVIA BOND in ‘About Love’ photo by Russ Rowland

The play is based on a beautiful story by the celebrated Russian author Ivan Turgenev published in 1860. A beautifully crafted tell about First Love in the Russian countryside.

In fact, it can be happening in any countryside around the world. A young man joins his parents for a summer vacation that was supposed to be quiet boring and uneventful only to be hit by an emotional storm unfamiliar to him from his 16 years of life experience…As he’s trying to understand what exactly hit him, is this Love? True love? How to react? what to say??? He’s faced with another surprise-Passion!

Is there a difference between the two ?? A question the young man struggles with as he tries to understand what’s happening to him inside and around him.

A flashback to the summer he spent in the countryside some years back unraveled for him some of the very troubling questions he was facing.

So much for a young man to understand to feel and react to…

JEAN TAFLER, DAN DOMINGUES & JEFFREY KRINGER in ‘About Love’ photo by Russ Rowland

The director makes it easy for us to feel the Stormy events going on stage as all the characters become all and one at the same time. Sharing the experiences in a most interesting way with exits and reappearances, keeping the flow unstoppable. A passion that is so characteristic to Turgenev’s human characters. The talented cast includes a nice mix of more experienced and less experience complement each other in a charming simplicity working well together giving us a look into events about Love from 150 years ago that very much may occur today.


“I was drawn to this material because of Turgenev’s exquisite writing and his truth-telling about the human experience,” says playwright and director Will Pomerantz. “Everyone remembers the first time they fell in love, and the universality of that experience, coupled with Turgenev’s beautiful prose, proved irresistible to me.”

About love is a limited engagement through March 22nd at the Sheen Center in the BlackBox Theater in New York City.

But just in case you won’t be able to see the play you can always read Turgenev’s first love and enjoy a Time out! …

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