AI-powered robots maintain Tel Aviv’s famous Boardwalk


The iconic wooden deck of the Tel Aviv Boardwalk will from now on be maintained and treated by RoboDeck, an advanced robotic system, which was developed by Israeli startup RoboDeck in partnership with the Tel Aviv municipality.

The RoboDeck robot combines cutting-edge AI technology and advanced robotics to keep the deck clean, safe, and attractive for the walking public.

Tel Aviv’s boardwalk, which draws locals and tourists alike, has been a challenge to maintain. The wear and tear caused by thousands of pairs of shoes every day has made the appearance of the wood planks suffer, and also caused various safety hazards.

Wood splinters, as well as loose or rotten boards, can quickly make a relaxing walk in the breeze an uncomfortable experience. The manual treatment of these hazards in the past necessitated closures of big areas of the boardwalk and also proved inefficient and costly.

RoboDeck cleans and treats autonomously

This is where RoboDeck comes in. The AI tech helps it to find defects in the wood on its own and then helps the robot decide on the correct treatment.

Thousands of Israelis walk on the beach boardwalk in Tel Aviv on Israel’s 73d Independence Day, April 15, 2021. (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)

RoboDeck’s cameras shoot high-resolution images which then get analyzed by the AI in real-time to determine the required treatment.

Unlike its human predecessors, the robot regularly cleans all sections of the boardwalk and knows exactly when and where to apply a proprietary protective coating to prolong the deck’s lifespan.

Another significant advantage of the robotic helper is that it can work during all hours, including regular operating hours, without having to close off sections of the deck. RoboDeck goes after his work in an unobtrusive way, leaving locals and tourists alike free to enjoy Tel Aviv’s famous boardwalk.