Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Gets Apology from Mass Mag


Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Gets Apology from Mass Mag

But not one to him. Its about him.

Dave Portnoy, who operates Barstool Sports, is in a feud with Nantucket Magazine. He is angry about a cover story the magazine published about him in its May issue. Well, to be more accurate, Portnoy is angry that the magazine has actually apologized for publishing the over story.

The headline about Dave Portnoy reads “Rebel with a Cause.” But the magazine’s publisher and editor felt the need to make a mea culpa to their readership after many subscribers balked about giving Portnoy his own cover issue.

The apology left Portnoy Livid. He told the NY Post, “Everybody who doesn’t like me can go f–k themselves. If you took a poll on Nantucket of people who like me and hate me I’d bet 99-percent like me.”

“It’s unfortunate that the powers that be at N Magazine are spineless jellyfish who are held hostage by the whims of the vocal minority,” he added. “Meanwhile I will continue to do my best to make Nantucket and America a better place while those who hate me can continue to throw cry parties for themselves about how I made a joke they didn’t like 20 years ago.”

Bruce A. Percelay, Publisher and Robert Cocuzzo, Editor of Nantucket Magazine released a public apology. “Since releasing our May issue a week ago, we have heard from various members of our community who vehemently object to our current cover featuring Dave Portnoy,” they said. “While the story was intended to highlight Mr. Portnoy’s work in support of small businesses, a number of people in the community have taken issue with offensive remarks and actions he has made in the past. We never want to hurt, offend or disappoint any of our readers with the stories we publish. Accordingly, we formally apologize for any pain caused to those who have objected to this May cover.

The two went on to explain that doing a cover story on an individual does not mean that they endorse the person or his ideas, or actions. But in saying so they made an implicit criticism of Dave Portnoy, alluding to the fact that they do not like him.

The two went on to offer a cop-out apology to their readers, saying merely that they were sorry for failing to anticipate the negative response to the story.

“In the case of Mr. Portnoy, a Nantucket homeowner who has been previously profiled extensively by other publications on the island and has collaborated with a number of Nantucket businesses, we felt his recent fundraising for small businesses was timely news,” they added. “We now recognize and acknowledge our oversight in how this story would be received. We appreciate feedback, positive or otherwise, because ultimately it helps make us a better publication going forward.”

No wonder Dave Portnoy is so mad.

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