Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins UK election

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Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins UK election

The Great Conservative Party victory in Britain led by Boris Johnson, and especially the defeat of the Labor party led by Jeremy Corbyn, who is considered a strong critic of Israel and a definite pro-Palestinian, drew joyous reactions on Friday in the Israeli political system.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz congratulated Johnson and said: “This is not just a political victory. It is first and foremost a value victory. In the past, Britain has never had a political campaign over which anti-Semitic anti-Semitism has hovered, as it has this time. It is worthy of our assessment, of the values ​​of the United Kingdom and of its history. This should serve as an important example and milestone for the fight against hatred. ”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in his Twitter account: “Congratulations to Boris Johnson members on your historic victory. It is a great day for the British people and our friendship.” Minister Gilad Arden added: “This is a defeat for anti-Semitism in all its forms, including the BDS movement.”

Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz also congratulated: “The results of the UK election in which Jeremy Corbyn lost who allowed anti-Semitism to bubble within his party are good news for Israel, but especially for the British people and British democracy. I congratulate Prime Minister Boris C “Johnson, a true friend of Israel, for his unequivocal victories. I have no doubt that his leadership will continue to strengthen the economic, security and cultural ties between Britain and Israel.”

President Reuben Rivlin added: “Congratulations to my friend Boris Johnson! On behalf of and on behalf of the citizens of Israel, I wish you every success and blessing on your path as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I have no doubt that your leadership will continue to strengthen and strengthen important relations between the states and that together we will be able to challenge the era on every front.”

The Johnson-led conservative party has surpassed all expectations and crushed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor general election. As the results of the night’s truth flowed, one after another, the red strongholds that Labor held for decades collapsed, and now that almost all votes were counted, it was clear that conservatives would have at least 364 seats in parliament, much more than the 326 seats they needed for an absolute majority. Labor plummeted from 262 to 203, and Chairman Corbyn, as noted as a sharp critic of Israel and one who deeply worried about Jews in Britain, announced that he would retire.

The scenario of making Corbyn prime minister has caused great concern among senior officials in the Jewish community in Britain. In the past, Corbyn called Hamas and Hezbollah “my friends” and participated in the events in which terrorists were arrested. He is accused of not doing enough to eradicate the anti-Semitism that has spread in the Labor Party, and this month Britain’s chief rabbi – with an unusual step – called on him not to vote, claiming he was unfit for office.

During Election Day, many Jews expressed concern and anxiety about the possibility of a great achievement for Corbyn. Jewish television host Rachel Riley, who suffered antisemitic attacks from Labor supporters, tweeted tonight: “Love you, Britain.” Last month, the presenter appeared wearing a shirt with a caption accusing Jeremy Corbyn of racism.

Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said: “Relief among the Jewish community is very much felt. And thanksgiving too. Now that the British people seem to have told the Corbins where to go, I understand that the worst thing they have done is make the Jews all stressed So we even doubted our British counterparts. They don’t like extremists and never liked them. It’s awful that we should have ever felt we should doubt that. ”

Michael Gove, a minister in Johnson’s government, said this morning that victory was a message to the Jews. Gov said the Jews lived in fear of the possibility of the Corbyn government, stressing: “We must never ever reach the situation where you live in fear.”

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