Can you solve this equation with just one matchstick move?

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A captivating matchstick puzzle recently went viral on TikTok, captivating users across the platform. The task is deceptively simple: You must solve a mathematical equation, but the catch is that you can only move a single matchstick to arrive at the correct answer.

Here’s the puzzle in question: 5-14=18, composed of a total of 23 matchsticks. Your mission is to shift just one of them to alter one of the digits and transform it into the right equation. The solution awaits you below.

Did you manage to crack it?

No worries if you didn’t; the solution is right here.

To arrive at the correct equation, all you need to do is move the lower-left vertical matchstick from the number 8 (18) and place it over the minus sign, effectively turning it into a plus sign. VoilĂ ! You now have the correct equation: 5+14=19.