Canadian Doctors Join Israeli Int’l Emergency Unit to Aid When Disaster Hits


Photo Credit: Avraham Hillel Schreiber / TPS

Emergency drill at Branco Weiss School, 12 March 2019

A group of doctors from Canada on Thursday completed a five-day course at Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s national medical emergency service, and have joined the organization’s international emergency unit.

The nine doctors include specialists in emergency medicine, internal medicine, family medicine, neurology and orthopedic surgery.


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The doctors are now on call and will be deployed with MDA’s international emergency unit in case of a mass medical emergency that demands their expertise.

MDA’s international emergency unit has grown in recent years, with doctors coming from all around the world every year to become part of the unit and help MDA and the State of Israel during a major national disaster.

The intense 50-hour course included shifts on intensive care ambulances, a tour of the organization’s national control center and a visit to MDA’s blood service center. They also took part in a drill in which they practiced treating patients at a disaster site.

Dr. Jason Berman, one of the course participants, said he felt privileged to learn from the Israeli professionals.

“It has been a privilege for us to learn from Magen David Adom’s instructors and staff and work alongside them so that we can treat Israeli citizens when needed. I’m glad I can now see myself as part of this family, and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience I got here with my Canadian colleagues,” he said.

MDA Community Vice President Dr. Eli Yaffe thanked the doctors and said their assistance may prove critical in times of crisis.

“The importance of training doctors from around the world at Magen David Adom is critical. In light of the challenges facing MDA, as Israel’s national rescue organization, we are pleased and grateful to have the assistance of senior medical professionals with a great willingness to help,” he said.


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