Classic Pieces of Jewelry That’ll Suit Every Skin Tone


by Contributing Author

The beauty of our world lies in the diversity of its people. It is the single-most greatest gift of our civilization. Considering how different we look, speak, and dress up, it is astounding how similar we are.

In the fashion world, we see jewelry made for a particular target audience. Some are made keeping in mind the ethnicity, some are made for elites, some are for mass production, and some are made specifically for personnel. This is not necessarily a bad idea. Who doesn’t like a plethora of options to choose from. But it also creates a sort of division – a bias of sorts, towards a particular kind of jewelry. There are rare jewelry pieces in the market that celebrate diversity. Jewelry pieces that can go with any outfit can be adorned by people from different ethnicities and skin tones.

We know finding such pieces that can fit all could be a tedious task, so we have put together a collection of jewelry pieces that will make sure that you can wear any time of the year – no matter what.

1 . Shungite Earrings

Looking for the perfect jewelry piece to suit your skin tone? Shungite earrings, made out of an ebony rich black stone, are an elegant addition to your wardrobe and compliment your skin tone. They are known to have natural healing powers that can help with multiple ailments. The 2-billion-year old stone’s composition is made from a substance called fullerenes, known to have important uses in the medical industry. The stone can protect against harmful EMFs, provide potent antioxidants, and detoxifying agents to treat the body against bacterial infections, skin diseases, and more. Shungite is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can ease any recurring body pains. Also, if you wish to style a single accessory for your everyday looks, then pick these matte-finish earrings, as they can help to release mental clutter from daily stressors and boost your mental and physical health.

Amethyst Necklace

2 . Tanzanite Necklace

Tanzanite jewelry is perfect for women in every shade. It’s a rare piece of jewel sourced from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and is expected to last for a few more decades before it runs out. The Tanzanite stone also helps to aid the body, mind, and soul in various spheres, be it lithotherapy, activating the mind for spiritual openness, promoting a healthy brain, and adding balance to the heart/root chakras. The mineral stone also facilitates healthy blood circulation and surrounds the wearer in an aura of calm and peace to help gain clarity in thoughts. The stone’s durability and hardness will ensure that the jewelry piece lasts for a lifetime for you to enjoy. You can style the enchanting blue-violet jewel necklace for the most special events and be ready to receive multiple compliments from dear friends and family.

3 . Personalized Rings

If you’re confused about the right shade of metal, we suggest you wear a stack of mixed-metal personalized rings on 3-4 fingers. This will enhance the overall look of your outfit and give you a certain edginess if you’re going for a neutral palette. The metallic rings with encrusted jewels will command attention no matter if it’s a casual or formal gathering. You can style the ring daily with your work outfits to add a touch of chic, style and Personalized jewelry can be styled as well as designed in multiple ways.

4 . Amethyst Necklace

Lavishly decadent, made with a deeply spiritual stone, the Amethyst necklace is the definition of grace and urban beauty. Amethysts, the transparent purple quartz, are rich in color and can help to transform your life with positivity. The stone forms an alliance to your infinite potential, allowing you to amplify and manifest your divine nature into your reality. The stone is appealing and illuminates a radiant glow against your skin; it’s pleasant to the eyes and emits calm energy around you. It provides a soft, mystical look to women of every color and ethnicity. You can pair the necklace with a wide-neck shirt or blouse to allow the stone to accentuate your curves and edges.

5 . Burmese Ruby Ring

We all know that Ruby comes in a bright red color, but did you know that there are distinct kinds of Rubies that define its quality, color, and rarity? Amongst the various types of jewel, it’s popularly known that the most exquisite and expensive type is the Burmese Ruby. You can grab a Burmese Ruby ring for an elegant touch to your dinner parties and gatherings with friends and family. It offers a rich vibrance to your monotone outfits and can elevate your looks for a special event. The specialty of Burmese rubies over others it’s the rich content of chromium which provides a more vivid and fluorescent tint to the stone. They are exceptionally striking in their appeal and may even exhibit a radiant glow under natural light.