Connecteam Offers All In One App for Remote Workers — Raises $37 Million


Connecteam Offers All In One App for Remote Workers — Raises $37 Million

Connecteam is a deskless workforce management app.

Connectteam team (Company Pic)

Israeli startup Connecteam offers an all-in-one employee app which it says empowers organizations with non-desk employees to communicate, engage, and operate their teams. The company has close a $37 million funding round led by Insight Partners, OG tech, and Wix’s leadership team.

Connecteam is a deskless workforce management app providing an all-in-one experience for communication, engagement operations and training. Connecteam’s product is a software as a service SAAS. The company offers a two weeks free trial and a free version for all companies.

Founded in 2016, Connecteam’s 10,000-plus global customers span 60 countries and include leading brands such as Nike, Sodexo, SodaStream, ISS, and Plasson.

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During 2020, the company saw massive customer growth of more than 400%, and now has over 150,000 active users. The company grew its team by 300% to meet the rising demand, to better connect teams and improve operational efficiency.

This makes perfect sense as the Coronavirus shutdowns required most people to work remotely. But the world has been moving to globalization, with decentralized workforces, for some time now. And many people need to work on the go, while commuting or just in their spare time. So there is ever more demand for an app like this.

“We have built the platform from the ground up to meet the needs of organizations with frontline employees. Most people don’t realize it, but deskless employees comprise 80% of the global workforce – 2.7B employees around the world,” said Amir Nehemia, Co-Founder and CEO of Connecteam. “So many organizations still rely on bulletin boards, phone calls, printed spreadsheets, and face-to-face training to run their businesses. We have plans to change that and help organizations and their employees improve communication, work processes, and collaboration.”

Avishai Abrahami, Wix’s CEO and an early stage investor at Connecteam said, “Like Wix, Connecteam is a great product-led company that doesn’t just focus on the problem it solves, but also on the people behind it. I am not surprised to see its accelerated growth: it has the right mindset, an outstanding product, and a vast market that is pro-actively looking to do things differently as they are tired of the old ways. I believe we are going to hear much about Connecteam in the future.”

Connecteam says that its focus remains on providing a top tier product for deskless employees globally. The company is constantly enhancing its platform capabilities and is expected to grow its team by over 300% again in 2021. Key milestones for the company have placed an emphasis on growing its R&D team, improving the end-user experience, and scaling its localization and language offerings.

“Running a business with non-desk employees is difficult, and when it comes to technological solutions, so many deskless industries are overlooked and underserved,” said Jeff Horing, Insight Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Connecteam changes the way its customers run their business. In just a few minutes, companies can communicate digitally with their team and better manage their workforce, allowing them to operate more efficiently. We are excited to partner with Connecteam to scale up and bring their solution to even more companies globally.”

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