Cozy Up


Photo Credit: Jewish Press

The cold weather can be hard to adjust to but I know I’m not the only one excited for sweater weather! I’m all about being comfortable and cozy; there’s nothing worse than constantly adjusting an uncomfortably fitted garment all day long – so bring on all the cozy sweaters please!

My go-to these days is a thick and chunky oversized sweater paired with a cute pair of ankle boots and I’ll be sharing a list of some of my favorite places to shop.


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First, though, I want to talk about values and how they relate to fashion. I know it might sound funny to think about values when reading a fashion column, but let me explain.

I was recently told that a chunky sweater I was wearing on my blog was “unflattering” so I just want to remind us all that our life mission should not be about looking our thinnest. Let’s be real; the term “flattering” is just code for “slimming;” I like to shop for things that bring a smile to my face and whether it makes me look smaller is not my priority. It doesn’t have to be yours either.

I know a lot of us spend our entire lives trying to shrink our bodies and be smaller. Children as young as three are terrified of being fat. How sad is that? I think we can do better and it starts with our values and priorities which can be SO hard to challenge with a $70 billion diet industry invested in making us believe that our mission in life should be to shrink our bodies.

Life is short; too short to spend at war with ourselves. Too short to worry about what’s flattering and makes us look skinniest.

With all that being said, let’s talk about where to find some fun sweaters for fall and winter, flattering or not!

•Madewell – they have amazing sweaters from XS-3X in great colors, textures and prints.

•Anthropologie – they recently expanded their size selection to include up to size 28 and their sweaters this year are incredible! Vibrant colors and some amazing sequin options to choose from.

•Zara – Their pieces hit every trend so if you’re looking for something fun to add to your wardrobe, they’re a great option to consider. Most pieces can be found in XS-XL.

•Lou and Grey – You can find them in some of the Loft stores, their standalone stores, or online and they have some really cute options in sizes XS-XXL.

Other honorable mentions include 525 America, Eloquii, Free People, and H&M for budget friendly options.


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