Didn’t see the camera: Johnson, Trudeau and Macron were caught laughing at Trump

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Didn’t see the camera: Johnson, Trudeau and Macron were caught laughing at Trump

They were holding glasses of wine and beer, talking and laughing about the star Summit – US President Donald Trump. What did they say?

Nato summit/ screenshot

Some top leaders have been documented mocking US President Donald Trump at a NATO summit in Britain. A camera from the Canadian broadcast network CBC, which was placed near the banquet hall in Buckingham Palace, in which yesterday the Queen of England held a festive dinner for 29 leaders of NATO states, documented the conversation between them.

Standing and holding glasses of wine and beer, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talked about the summit star – Trump – who was 40 minutes late.

According to a late press release, traffic jams in London were due. “Is that why he is late?”, Johnson is heard asking his colleagues; “He is late for holding 40-minute impromptu press conferences off the top,” Trudeau replies, and in response to the wondering looks confirmed: “Oh, ya, ya, ya. He announced…!”

At this point, Macron intervened in the conversation, but he stands with his back to the camera and his words are unclear. Trudeau then goes on: “You just watched his (Trump) team’s jaws drop to the floor.” More than things themselves, the gossip atmosphere and conversation behind Trump’s back. The short video, published on Canadian Network’s Twitter, went viral, and it has already garnered millions of views.

Trump did hold a series of impromptu press conferences yesterday. What was supposed to be a “photo-op” in the morning with NATO Secretary-General Yains Stoltenberg turned into a conversation with journalists lasting 50 minutes, after which he also spoke for more than an hour and a half after his meetings with Trudeau and Macron.

Speaking to Trudeau, Trump said he trusted Canada “to reach 2% of NATO spending target” and asked the Canadian prime minister in front of the cameras how much they are spending now.

In a meeting with Macron, Trump said the French president’s position, which said NATO “Brain death” is dangerous for France.

The summit so far has been characterized by a series of conflicts both behind the scenes and at the front. In addition to the conflict between France and the US, Trump’s demand for Germany to spend more on its defense budget.

Trump also said European countries “owed trillions of dollars” to the US for not meeting their 2 percent target in the past. Macron also attacked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the summit yesterday, saying the Turks are fighting against those who fought for the West “We have a different definition of who are terrorists,” Macron said.

The summit continues today and a press conference is expected at 15:30 Europe time.

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