Doctors remove 382 gallstones from woman’s gallbladder

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Doctors in India were stunned after they removed an absurd number of gallstones from the gallbladder of a woman who had been complaining of back pain for two months.

The video of the stones’ removal was shared on TikTok and went viral.

Yashoda Bai, the patient in question, is a resident of Harraiya village, Vijayraghavgarh. She first realized that something was wrong after she experienced severe pain in her back, according to Jam Press.

Bai suffered from chest pain, too, but she did not know the cause.

Initially, she went for a check-up at the family doctor and described the symptoms. She was treated with painkillers, but her family decided to take her to the hospital to find out what the root of the problem was.

How did the doctors find out what was wrong?

A sonography scan and other tests conducted revealed that 382 gallstones were hidden in Bai’s gallbladder – some of which measured up to one centimeter in size.

Stomach pain (credit: PIXABAY)

According to the attending physicians, this is a condition that can occur when the cholesterol levels in the gallbladder become too high and the excess cholesterol forms stones that can range in size from as small as a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball.

Fortunately, the medical team was able to prevent a more serious situation and removed all of the woman’s gallstones one by one as well as her gallbladder during an operation that lasted about two hours.

The video that went viral showed the surgeons removing the stones in a hard-to-watch procedure. Bai, on the other hand, is doing better and is on the mend.

Jerusalem Post Staff, after some review, decided not to share the extremely graphic video.