Entrepreneurial Venture of the Year competition showcase innovation


Unistream, a well-known association dedicated to fostering business and social entrepreneurship among young individuals, is gearing up for its annual highlight event, the “Entrepreneurial Venture of the Year Competition.”

The competition, set to take place on July 12 in the Culture Hall of Tel Aviv, will bring together approximately 90 ventures developed by teens participating in Unistream programs.

Originating from 80 cities across Israel spanning from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, the participating ventures represent a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds. Teen entrepreneurs from Jewish, Arab, and Druze communities, alongside members of Bedouin communities, will compete for the coveted title of the “Entrepreneurial Venture of the Year.” Additionally, the winning venture will receive a financial prize to further support its development.

This year’s competition boasts an esteemed judging panel comprising hundreds of senior business, tech, and community leaders. These judges, hailing from Israel and around the world, include government officials, Knesset representatives, and prominent figures from various sectors.

The judges will evaluate the ventures, engage with the participating teenagers, ask questions, and provide encouragement for further development.

Tel Aviv skyline (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Among the projects set to be presented at the competition are the so-called “Mobileye of Wheelchairs,” which aims to enhance the mobility and safety of individuals with physical disabilities using motorized wheelchairs; a recycling promotion application that seeks to make recycling more accessible by establishing a social network and partnering with a delivery company to enable the convenient collection of recyclables; and a public transport incentive application which incentivizes public transport usage through rewards and benefits.

Bringing together a wide group of Israeli youth

“It is exciting to witness the mobilization and support of senior officials from all sectors for Unistream’s efforts to nurture an inclusive start-up nation,” said Ifat Bechor, CEO of Unistream.

“The remarkable youth in the periphery regions of Israel, equipped with their tools and significant work in Unistream programs, will become a vital part of the country’s entrepreneurial and business landscape. By facilitating interactions between industry executives and the youth throughout the year, we bridge gaps and create opportunities for all.”

Unistream was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur Rony Zarom, with the goal of offering comprehensive training in business and social entrepreneurship to thousands of young men and women each year.

“It is exciting to see the engagement and support of senior officials from all sectors partnering with Unistream in its vision to create Israel as an inclusive start-up nation,” said Zarom.

“There are incredible young people on the geographical and social margins of Israel, who with the right tools, knowledge, and collaborative work experience can greatly contribute to the Israeli entrepreneurial and business ecosystem. We can see the impact Unistream has had on teens over the years, as they strive to fit into the tech industry. The sky is the limit for them.”