Estee Lauder’s William Lauder Continues Legal Fight With Former Girlfriend


Estee Lauder’s William Lauder Continues Legal Fight With Former Girlfriend

He wants her out of his Bel Air mansion.

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William Lauder, grandson of the late and legendary cosmetics mogul Estée Lauder, is continuing his legal wrangling with former girlfriend Taylor Stein. The 60 year old billionaire has been divorced for ten years. But Lauder had a “love child” with Stein while he was still married.

Taylor Stein is the 54 year old Like Lauder, she is also the daughter of a famed Jewish business family. Her father was Howard Stein, a legendary New York City nightclub promoter. Stein founded a number of famous New York clubs in the 1980s like Xenon and Au Bar. Her grandfather was an infamous New York mobster and loan shark.

Ruby Stein, according to, was a close associate of Nicholas “Jiggs” Forlano, a Colombo crime family capo, and Genovese family boss “Fat Tony” Anthony Salerno. Stein was allegedly one of the biggest loan sharks in New York City during the 1960’s and 70’s and also ran gambling clubs on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. But some tough mobsters known as the Westies Gang owed him money and so they killed him. His headless body was found floating in Jamaica Bay in May 1977.

Taylor Stein has herself been described simply as a wealthy socialite. The daughter she had with William Lauder has not been named and has been kept out of the limelight. She, was born in 2007.

The current lawsuit has been going on for years now. There has been a trading of accusations back and forth by the two sides. Taylor Stein once charged that Lauder had offered money to someone in exchange for getting “dirt” on her and to make “false and misleading statements” against her. Now William Lauder is trying to evict Stein from the $7 million mansion in Bel Air. Los Angeles, which he gave her to live in with his child. The mansion has 6,000 square feet and is up a hill overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

Stein was allowed to live in the mansion for free and was given $1 million a year by Lauder only as long as she kept her mouth shut about who her child’s father really was. This was reported by Forbes. Stein also agreed not to come within 100 yards of any member of the Lauder family.

Apparently the now 13 year old daughter revealed her father’s identity in a social media post. So William Lauder says that this violated the agreement which he made with Taylor Stein.

There is an old saying about how sometimes you just can’t make this S&%t up. Sometimes things happen in real life which are zanier than what happens on TV.

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