Face It


Photo Credit: GifterPhotos / YouTube

Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels patrol in Brooklyn. Dec. 29, 2019

Curtis Sliwa and his “Guardian Angels” are protecting Jews again.
God bless them but as Curtis pleads.”Jews, protect yourselves? Don’t take it anymore. The politicians that you look to for answers cater to their real “base” and it isn’t you.

It all makes me cringe. Deja Vu
I remember growing up in the ’70s in NY when Rabbi Kahane and the JDL patroled Jewish streets and the Rav exhorted Jews to be armed(“every Jew a .22”)
Oh, how he was maligned for that plea! It made sense to the Jewish establishment for Jews to be the most defenseless group in America and be the most inviting targets of extortion bullying and indiscriminate violence. That was far better than suggesting that Jews protect themselves. Nice Jewish boys just don’t do that. What will the Goyim say? They might not like us!
I remember it all too well. I answered the call to join a JDL patrol one cold rainy Saturday night. In Williamsburg, there was a Jewish family that was being threatened by Puerto Ricans to sell at a very low price or else face continued harassment and violence.
I found my self on the roof of that house with a Molotov cocktail waiting for the bullies to show up.
They did not show – not that night and not after. The word was out that the JDL made this house their fight.


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It hurts to see how the defenseless Exile Jew continues to look to the cop on the corner and is the most dependent and threatened group in America.

Nothing has changed after the Holocaust. Actually, one thing has: We now have our own powerful successful country.

I have an idea. Instead of hiding behind good Gentiles like Curtis Sliwa, why don’t you simply come home?
America really is not your battle. You are not welcome by the Right or the Left, by White or Black. Each side thinks you are on the wrong side and has a beef with you.
The tons of Jew-hatred one can see today in social media gives us a glimpse of what has been going on under the rug. It’s very crowded down there

Face it.

You are seen to be an intruder in someone else’s home and you are not welcome no matter how much you contribute, sacrifice and how nice you try to be.
Alas, this is not new. It has been our history in Exile from the very beginning.
Yes, we heard that Golden Spain was different.
Poland, after all, invited the Jews in.
And Germany; hey Berlin is my Jerusalem. Jawhol!

Won’t you please come home where being a Jew is the norm and not a social/political position continually justified and daintily maintain.

Every country has its problems. The US does and so does Israel. The question is, which problems do you feel you should try to solve?


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