Facebook sanctions Netanyahu page over hate speech violation


Following a hate message sent to Arabs on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Messenger, the social network said Thursday that it was decided to suspend the PM page.

“After reviewing the bot activity in using the Likud campaign, we found a violation of our policy regarding hate speech,” a Facebook response said. “We also found that the bot was abusing the platform by contacting people outside the permitted time period. As a result, we suspended the bot activity for 24 hours. If there are further violations of our policy, we will take the appropriate action.”
The statement said “A dangerous left government should not be created in a week with Lapid, Oda, Gantz, and Lieberman. A secular, weak left government that trusts the Arabs who want to destroy us all – women, children and men – and allow a nuclear Iran to eliminate us. We must not let that happen.”

The Likud explained that it was a mistake for a headquarters employee. However, this may be part of a campaign aimed at Jewish power voters, the party that is on the verge of a blockage percentage and Netanyahu warns of voting for it.

Joint List Chairman MK Ayman Oda yesterday confronted Netanyahu with the Knesset on the issue of camera law, commenting: “Netanyahu a psychopath without red lines and wants to see blood. This despicable offender will continue to allow our blood as long as he believes it will help him We have to go to Facebook – they must act immediately to end Netanyahu’s racist and dangerous incitement against the Arab population. ”

In a radio interview, Network B this morning, Netanyahu said, “The mistake was fixed right away. It’s a mistake was done by one of the headquarters staff. Think logically, do you think I’m really writing this? I’m a serious person. I have friends in Arab countries, and I have respect for whether he is a Jew, a Muslim Arab or a Christian. What is this nonsense? That’s my thought? So a worker did nonsense and said it – ‘Oh, Netanyahu thinks that way.’

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