Flight canceled due to Israel security risk? Here’s what you should know


After the rocket fire from Lebanon and Gaza into Israeli territory and many customer inquiries, the Israel Consumer Council has made a list detailing about what happens if your flight is canceled due to the ongoing regional tensions – and what you are entitled to.

What can you do if an airline cancels flights to and from Israel?

Every airline should provide you with alternative solutions should your flight be canceled. If you ordered your ticket through a travel agent, you can arrange an alternative flight through them.

In some cases, the airline or travel agent will contact the customers to tell them about their new flight. This is something the airlines are obligated to do should the flight be canceled.

Is it possible to cancel your flight due to Order 8 [an emergency IDF call-up]?

The answer is yes, but only with Israeli travel and airline companies, which have all announced that they will refund all tickets to those who had to cancel due to Order 8.

A passenger is stranded abroad. Who is responsible for bringing them back to Israel?

Should a flight be canceled due to the security situation in Israel per the request of the American Aviation Authority or the recommendation of the European Aviation Authority, the flight operator or travel agent must present the passenger with alternative means of getting home.

El Al Israel Airlines counters are seen at Ben Gurion International airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel February 27, 2020 (credit: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN)

In any case, passengers whose flights were canceled are entitled to either a refund or an alternative flight ticket, whichever they prefer.

El Al and Arkia have announced that they will help passengers by increasing flights to all destinations in Europe to help passengers get back to Israel as soon as possible.

What about hotel accommodations?

If one or more nights stay is required until the next flight, the passenger is entitled to hotel accommodations at the expense of the airline company or travel agency.

Do you receive financial compensation for all this mental anguish?

According to the law, customers are entitled to a refund of the price they paid for the ticket or a ticker to an alternative flight, but not monetary compensation.

What about a hotel stay abroad that must be canceled after your flight is canceled?

It’s recommended that you contact the system or service used to book your hotel stay and check for the cancelation policy. At the same time, it’s also recommended to contact the hotel directly and inform them of the reservation’s cancellation while also inquiring about the possibility of receiving a refund.