FlipOS Raises $136 Million for iBuyer Platform


Stoa co-founders Tom Sela and Or Agassi. Photo Carrie Evans

FlipOS, an Israeli startup offering a platform is designed for individual real estate investors and institutional buyers who want to outsource their business’s asset scouting and renovation functions, received $136 million in a Series B round to finance its platform.

Stoa USA Inc. — also known as FlipiOS – the world’s first technology-based Business to-Business (B2B) iBuyer and creator of FlipOS, announced it received a $36 million equity investment from Zeev Ventures, along with a $100 million securitization deal led by Cantor Fitzgerald, the preeminent global financial services firm and real estate investment company.

Founded in 2018 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, Stoa USA Inc. is a property technology company and one-stop-shop for real estate investors. The company’s proprietary platform, FlipOS, is designed to help real estate investors buy, renovate and sell homes more efficiently.

Stoa recorded over $20 million in revenue since the company’s launch at the beginning of 2021. The company’s Stoa finances the projects, scopes the renovations, and warehouses the properties for a buyer. The company also ensures assets are renovated to exact, high-quality, fit-for-purpose homes, known as “Good Homes®.”

“The support from our new and existing investors is a testament to our exponential growth and reflects the promise of our unique approach to iBuying,” said Or Agassi, chief executive officer of Stoa. “With this financing, we plan to hire top talent, expand into new U.S. locations, and further establish FlipOS as a marketplace leader.”

“The Stoa team figured out a way to optimize the entire professional iBuyer process from property funding, through renovation, to sale, in a way that makes a real impact on the amount of single-family homes available for purchase or rental,” said Oren Zeev, founding partner of Zeev Ventures. “I’m incredibly excited to join Stoa’s journey in becoming the market leader in the iBuyer space.”