GenCell unveils vision for GreenFSG circular energy economies in Dubai


Israel’s GenCell Energy presented Thursday at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Clean Energy Accelerator (CEA) Innovation Showcase on the sidelines of COP28, sharing its vision to enable GreenFSG circular energy economies.

FSG stands for fueling, storing, and generating. 

In a video presentation, GenCell CEO Rami Reshef said, “We are on a journey for our R&D efforts to enable GreenFSG self-contained circular economies that will produce and store clean ammonia and generate energy on-site wherever power is needed, fully eliminating fuel transport OPEX [operational expenditures] and emissions.” 

Specifically, GenCell envisions a shift in the energy landscape through its innovative Water2Power technology. This system, synthesizing green ammonia solely from water, sunlight, and air, promises to redefine the production and consumption of clean energy globally. The transformative nature of this technology lies in its ability to establish self-contained circular economies with zero emissions.

A huge step forward for sustainable fuel production

The company explained that these economies not only produce and store ammonia as a sustainable fuel source but also harness the generated power on-site by extracting hydrogen from the ammonia. It said that GenCell’s approach paves the way for a revolutionary paradigm in clean energy production and consumption.

GenCell CEO Rami Reshef (credit: Adrian Desta)

GenCell had planned to send representatives to COP28 but pulled out because of the Hamas war. AWS allowed Reshef, whose company was one of 15 selected to be featured in Dubai, to present via video. An AWS staffer hosted a booth at the AWS event.

GenCell is already a leading provider of hydrogen and ammonia to-power solutions. It is best known for its green-independent electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. For example, the GenCell EVOX combines multiple power resources to charge EVs and other power loads sustainably, economically, and continuously.

“As we discover challenges along the way, we continue to evolve our core technologies, hydrogen to power, ammonia to power and most recently, water to power, and we won’t stop until we deliver affordable end-to-end, zero-emission solutions that generate power anywhere,” Reshef said on Thursday.

He said that he was “optimistic that COP28 will expand the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. The successful development of a global hydrogen economy will largely depend on increased demand from a wider pool of off-takers; GenCell’s solutions are commercially available to support new off-takers and use cases looking to utilize hydrogen to achieve their resilient and sustainable power objectives.”