Greta Thunberg – Please Just Go Away Already


Greta Thunberg – Please Just Go Away Already

The Swedish teen is at it again.

Greta Thunberg (YouTube clip)

Swedish teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg is at it again. This time she condemned the American government for its continued policy of subsiding the fossil fuel industries. Whether you agree with her or not, its gotten to the point where most people are probably thinking the same thing right now: Will Greta Thunberg please just give it a rest already?

Thunberg is 18 years year old now. And Sweden never had a full shutdown due to the Covid pandemic. So shouldn’t she be living like an 18 year old, going out and partying with her friends and so forth? Yes she is developmentally challenged, but can’t her parents step in? Or maybe they enjoy the spotlight too much to let their daughter be a normal teenager.

Greta Thunberg testified before the House Oversight Committee Sub-Committee on the Environment hearing on “The Role of Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Preventing Action on the Climate Crisis.” The hearing was held on Thursday to mark Earth Day 2021. It was chaired by Ro Khanna (D-CA). He opened the proceedings by talking about how the fossil fuel industry subsidies have been “on the books for over a hundred years.” The Congressman feels that these subsidies amount to nothing more than,“giveaways to the fossil fuel industry embedded in our tax code,” and wants them repealed.

This is clearly an important issue for the American people and their Congress to debate. But what does a Swedish kid have to with it?

Thunberg testified, “It is the year 2021. The fact we are still having this discussion and even more that we are still subsidizing fossil fuels using taxpayer money is a disgrace. It’s clear proof that we have not understood the climate emergency at all.”

Again, a point well taken and which should be debated. But why did the Congress need Thunberg to raise this point.?

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The Swedish teen then did what she does best – she took it upon herself to speak on behalf of the billions of people in the world under the age of 20. “Unlike you, my generation will not give up without a fight,” she said. “How long do you honestly believe that people in power like you will get away with it? How long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate crisis without being held accountable? Young people today will decide how you will be remembered, so my advice for you is to choose wisely.”

Is Greta Thunberg warning all of us old people that a kid rebellion is in the works? Is she calling for one? Does she know something that no one else does about the world’s youth? Could it be that they are all just pretending to be obsessed with online video games, social media, wearing the latest fashions and getting to be famous for nothing while not caring about silly things like climate change and war?

If so then maybe she can clue us in before it is too late and all of us old and out of touch people over thirty get sent to live in old age homes.

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