Groundbreaking conference in to showcase the future of AI in medine

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The Lema’anchem – Maflee La’asot conference, in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute of Science, is set to illuminate the advancements and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Scheduled for later this year, this pioneering event aims to explore the tangible achievements expected by 2025, marking a pivotal shift in the redefinition of health services.

This landmark conference is expected to unite CEOs from leading high-tech companies with the foremost medical experts, creating an unprecedented fusion of technology and healthcare expertise. “This event represents an unparalleled gathering that underscores the convergence of technology and healthcare, setting the stage for future innovations,” said a conference spokesperson.

Reflecting on the success of the inaugural Lema’anchem – Maflee La’asot conference, which focused on the future of medicine in 2040, organizers were encouraged by the overwhelming positive feedback from the medical community. Rabbi Yossi Erblich, head of the Lema’anchem – Maflee La’asot organization, shared his excitement for establishing this as an annual tradition, emphasizing the importance of ongoing dialogue on the future of medicine. “The success of our previous conference demonstrated the profound impact that integrating innovative ideas can have on medical practice,” Rabbi Erblich remarked.

AI in medicine

With this year’s theme, “Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Medicine,” the conference promises an in-depth exploration of AI’s role in healthcare. “We are at a critical juncture where AI’s potential to revolutionize patient care, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and accelerate drug discovery is within reach,” Rabbi Erblich highlighted, underscoring the event’s significance.

Hosted at the Weizmann Institute’s Michael Sela Auditorium in Rehovot, the conference will feature live demonstrations of AI in medical applications, offering the 500 participating top doctors and scientists, along with other attendees from Israel’s health and high-tech sectors, a firsthand look into the future of healthcare.

Chairman of L’maanchem, Rabbi Yossi Erblich, with Check Point founder Gil Schwed. (credit: Yehuda Urishalimi)

The conference will cover various topics, including Microsoft’s efforts to redefine health services through AI and Google’s contributions to the AI healthcare revolution. This comprehensive discussion addresses the opportunities and challenges posed by technological advancements in healthcare.

Focusing on practical developments already impacting various medical fields and upcoming innovations to improve medical outcomes, the event seeks to pave the way for a future where AI and healthcare seamlessly integrate. “Healthcare innovation is about improving people’s lives. As we embark on this new era, we must proceed with ethical consideration, ensuring transparency, responsibility, and human oversight,” said Prof. Joseph Press, President of Lema’anchem–Maflee La’asot.


Dr. Gadi Neuman, Vice President of the Lema’anchem – Maflee La’asot organization, added, “Merging medical expertise with data science and policy-making is vital to unlocking the full potential of AI in medicine. This conference is a step towards a future where healthcare is more efficient, personalized, and accessible to everyone.”