Half of all Israelis gain 5 kg amid war with Hamas – poll

Science and Health

For five months, Israel has been in a state of conflict that caused its citizens excessive stress and anxiety whether in relationships, parenthood, studies, or work. Data from a national survey, among 502 respondents aged 18-64, shows that since the outbreak of Swords of Iron war, most Israelis have gained weight. 

Respondents were asked if and how much they thought they had gained weight since October 7. More than half of the participants in the sample, 56% indicated that they had gained weight since the beginning of the war, and 35% indicated that they had not.

Did residents of the North or South gain more weight compared to other regions of the country? 

When examining the data on weight gain of 5 kg and above, residents of the South (15%) and the North (14%) were among the first. Among those who stated they gained weight, 26% indicated they gained up to 2 kg since October 7, 24% indicated they gained between 2-5 kg, 7% gained between 5-7 kg, and 5% gained over 7 kg during the war. The age group that experienced the biggest weight gain was 41-50, 73% of respondents. When examining weight gain between genders, it shows that among women, 62% stated they gained weight since October 7 compared to 49% of men.

The survey also asked what activity the respondents were doing today in order to lose weight. About a quarter of the respondents answered that they intend to exercise for free outdoors, 28% intend to intensify their workouts at a gym or aerobic studio, 15% will start exercising at home, and 12% answered that they intend to join some kind of sports club, while 10% will not take any action to lose weight.

This national survey was conducted by the Port of Tel Aviv, on behalf of the launch of free Latin fitness and dance workshops and public lounges.