Healthy hair: how hair cuts impact health, and summer maintenance tips

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Our hair is exposed to various damages due to changes in the weather, frequent friction with clothes, and the use of perms, straighteners, and hair dyes. All these, and more, cause its edges to split, which requires cutting them once in a while.

Hair grows at a rate of one centimeter per month, or 12 cm annually. Some of us trim the split ends from time to time, others are afraid to get rid of it and prefer to preserve it. Experts in the field claim that cutting split ends is the best way to maintain the appearance of healthy hair, but when do we know it’s time to cut the ends and how many times should they be cut during the year?

It turns out that there is no specific rule, and the answer depends on the type of hair and the final result we want to achieve. According to the experts, the ends of fine hair should be cut more than thick hair because it loses its volume when it grows, and cutting its ends, in this case, is necessary to increase its volume.

Experts say that long hair needs more care not just for a healthy appearance. Since its ends are more in contact with clothes, which accelerates its fragility, long hair needs extra TLC and it is recommended to cut its ends once every three months.

Infuse moisture into your hair (credit: INIMAGE)

“If the ends of the hair are healthy and not brittle, there is no need to cut them regularly and you can only do it once a year,” experts say.

How can you keep your hair from unnecessary breakage?

Maintaining healthy hair and protecting it from breakage is a difficult task, but it can be done by adopting several habits – the most important of these is brushing the hair with a brush that can massage the scalp and thus stimulate blood circulation, the flow of which contributes to hair growth.

Another important rule is the regular use of hair conditioner and the nourishing mask after washing. Another thing that should be taken care of is protecting the hair from electric styling and straightening devices. A heat protectant spray must be used before starting the styling/smoothing/curling process.

What else is crucial to pay attention to with hair health care?

Moisturizing your hair is necessary all year round, and can be done using creams and masks that prevent dryness and protect the hair from split ends.

  • Drinking a lot of water in the summer helps to moisturize the hair from the inside and restore the moisture it loses due to the heat.
  • Olive and castor oils deeply nourish the hair and provide it with minerals. It is recommended to tie up your hair when in the sun to avoid exposure to damage and breakage.
  • Eating foods rich in proteins is good for health in general and hair health in particular.
  • It is recommended to wear a swimming cap in pools or in the sea to protect the hair from chlorine and salt water.
  • It is best to avoid washing your hair in very hot water, as the hot water weakens it and causes split ends.