How does an iron deficiency impact your body? An expert explains

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Did you know that not getting enough iron can cause a decrease in thyroid activity, weakness, and even obesity? It may seem simple, but an iron deficiency can have side effects that mimic stress. Here are some essential facts about iron:

It’s crucial to pay attention to your iron levels, as low iron can contribute to hair loss, poor sleep, and weight gain.

Iron deficiencies are common, especially among vegans and vegetarians. However, even meat-eaters may experience poor iron absorption and decreased levels of this vital mineral.

Hair loss (Credit: INGIMAGE)

What can iron deficiency do to your body?

  • Anemia and weakness, resulting in decreased calorie burning.
  • Fatigue and cravings for sweets as a quick energy source.
  • Insufficient iron hampers the production of thyroid hormones, leading to a sluggish metabolism and potential weight gain.

Meat (Credit: INGIMAGE)

However, the recommendation is not to eat meat but to explore suitable alternatives. Legumes, nuts, whole-meal tahini, oats, and green vegetables like broccoli are excellent sources of iron.

Surprisingly, a cup of cooked lentils contains more iron than a chicken breast, while a spoonful of tahini can also provide a substantial amount.