How to Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value


How to Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value

By Contributing Author

Buying a car is no small investment. Most people end up paying more than the car’s value in monthly payments and the accompanying interest rates. Then, there are maintenance costs, insurance, and other purchases.

It only makes sense to get the most out of your car when you finally sell it or swap for a better model. Your car’s current condition determines how much you can get for it. Since the state depends on how well you’ve cared for the automobile, it’s essential to pamper it the best way you know.

Here are some tips on how you can preserve your car’s resale value.

Keep your stock parts.

Cars with stock parts and configurations are much easier to sell and can be sold at a higher price compared to those with custom upgrades. This is because while upgrades like the pcm control pack are great, they are highly subjective. You should only get them if you plan to keep your car or don’t care about the resale value.

Another option is to keep all the stock parts when you get the upgrades. That way, you can swap them back in when you finally decide to sell the car. You may also get lucky and find a buyer with the same taste as you. They’ll be willing to pay top dollar for your upgrades, and you can make even more money.

Pick your car carefully.

Upping the resale value begins with the kind of car you choose to buy. Some manufacturers have a reputation for making cheap vehicles with short lifespans. Others make vehicles with high-maintenance requirements and minimal payoff.

You should also consider your diving needs. For example, diesel engine SUVs retain their value much more than their gasoline counterparts. But then, diesel engine cars are expensive to maintain, and you may lose the resale value in maintenance costs. You need to do the math and decide which category works best for you.

Keep records of all your maintenance activities.

When buying a used car, most people want to know how often it was serviced and what problems they can expect in the future. If you’ve stuck with your maintenance schedule, as you should, it would help if you could prove it. An excellent record will convince even the wariest buyers and help you sell your vehicle that much faster.

If you find yourself having to sell without maintenance records, it ensures the car is in good working condition. Take it to the shop and get the faulty parts fixed or replaced. The excellent condition will still reflect in your payoff.

Treat her well.

Maintaining your car is only half the work — the other half is handling it with care. If you plan to sell your car, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you it needs to be treated gently. The treatment goes for every part, from the brakes and transmission, to the paint job and bodywork.

Speaking of paint jobs, how the car looks accounts for half of the buyers’ first impressions. Keep your vehicle free of scratches and dents. If you can, get a silver paint job. The color helps to mask blemishes and imperfections.

Don’t DIY.

Few things make you feel more competent than being able to fix your car. There’s often pride that comes with popping the hood and troubleshooting everyday faults. However, fixing your car DIY isn’t always a good thing, particularly if you intend to resell it.

The best option is to have all your maintenance and upgrades done in a workshop by professionals. Remember that you’ll also need to keep records of all the work done on your vehicle for the subsequent sale. Handing things over to the professionals will yield significant benefits in the long run.

Protect your interior.

The interior of a car has great appeal to every car owner. It’s where you’ll spend all your time, and it’s the only part of the vehicle you actually enjoy. With this in mind, ensure that you care for your car’s interior. Seat covers are a good idea. They take all the wear and tear of everyday use, leaving the upholstery untouched.

Also, take out time to clean the interior. Dirt tends to cake on over time, making it harder to remove. If you can’t pay for detailing in a car wash, invest in some cleaning equipment like a brush and spray.

Park carefully.

This refers to both parking garages and parking at home. In a perfect world, you have an indoor garage where your vehicle can enjoy protection from the elements. But then, this is often not possible. Instead, find a place with some shade for your vehicle. Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade the paint, among other things.

While parking away from home, try to keep your car as protected as you can. This may mean parking farther away from the building where fewer cars are, or leaving sufficient space between your car and the next. Dents and scratches from these experiences add up to a lot over time.

Enjoy your vehicle.

The desire to maintain the resale value shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your car. Even though this article contains many dos and don’ts, multiple options exist for savoring your automobile. For example, you can get cool aviator glasses and gloves for an enhanced driving experience. A phone holder is another convenient accessory that can make navigating easier and more enjoyable.

An air freshener is yet another great option. It keeps your car’s ambiance fresh. Who doesn’t love a good fragrance? If you fancy custom upgrades, you can go ahead and get them. Howewer, as we mentioned in the first tip, be sure to keep your stock parts.

The Bottom Line

Even if you don’t plan to resell your car, proper maintenance can extend its life and give you more value for your money. The tips in this guide can help you do just that.