IAI to Build Dror 1, Israel’s National Communications Satellite


Photo Credit: IAI

Computer rendition of the Dror 1 communications satellite.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on Thursday announced that it has won the government tender to develop and build Dror 1, Israel’s national communications satellite, which is intended to meet Israel’s satellite communications needs for approximately 15 years.

According to a statement by IAI, Dror 1 will be based mostly on technologies developed in Israel by IAI, including an advanced digital communications platform, dubbed a “smartphone in space,” which enables communication flexibility throughout its space operations.


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The Israeli government’s decision to have an Israeli company build its national communications satellite was made in September 2018, when the government set a long-term strategy in the field of satellite communications in Israel. The government decided it was essential for the State of Israel to maintain complete independence in this area, and not depend on other countries, with possible conflicting interests.

The satellite will be developed in IAI’s Systems Missiles & Space Division, which is in charge of the development and construction of some of Israel’s successful missile defense systems.

IAI deputy director-general and head of the Systems Missiles & Space Division Boaz Levy said the company is honored to have the opportunity to develop a crucial part of the country’s technological infrastructure.

“IAI, which is home to Israel’s space industry, is proud to develop and build Israel’s next state-of-the-art satellite communications satellite for the vital satellite communications capabilities our country requires… We are delighted to launch Dror 1 – the most advanced Israeli communications satellite ever built in Israel that incorporates many Israeli technologies with the most advanced digital capabilities,” he said.


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