If you have heartburn, avoid these foods

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Heartburn is one of the most annoying phenomena disturbing our daily life. But there is a way to cope with and even prevent it.

Dr. Maya Rosman explained in her show on 103FM what exactly heartburn is and what can be done against it.

“The feeling of heartburn and a ‘rising’ of the food upwards after the meal accompany many of us and sometimes for many years,” said the nutritionist and explained how the phenomenon can be reduced, “Between the esophagus and the stomach there is a sphincter, called the LES. This sphincter is actually an annular muscle and is affected by many things, which sometimes cause it to be loose and not close properly.”

“If it is not really closed well, the acid of the stomach can ‘go up’ into the esophageal tube and cause a burning sensation, because the walls of the esophageal tube are very delicate and sensitive.”

So what can you do?

She then listed a number of actions you can do to avoid the feeling of heartburn:

Eating the right food can help manage and lower your stress levels (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)

Separate liquids and solids – “It is very advisable not to drink together with food and not to dilute it – not to increase the volume of the stomach, and in addition to that, thin food is easier to ‘go up’ than solid food.”

Eat foods that absorb acid – “To prevent the acid from rising upwards, during heartburn you can eat foods that absorb it – zwieback, almonds, raw tahini, dry crackers. These swell from absorbing the acid and reduce heartburn.”

Avoid dairy products – “They require excess secretion of acid for digestion and may aggravate heartburn, about fifteen minutes after consumption.”

Avoid acidic and spicy foods – “During heartburn, you should avoid very spicy foods, acidic juices such as citrus fruit juices, alcohol.”

Reduce meals – “If you suffer from frequent heartburn, it is recommended to eat small meals so as not to stretch the stomach, this can help the sphincter to remain closed.”

Reduce the consumption of coffee and chocolate – “These can weaken the sphincter muscle, and worsen heartburn and reflux.”

Don’t sleep after the meal – “You shouldn’t go to bed or lie down after eating, because a lying position makes it easier for the acids to ‘rise’. It’s harder for the acid to rise when sitting or standing.”

Avoid fried foods – “these are more difficult to digest, stay in the stomach for a long time and increase the chance of reflux and heartburn.”

Finally, she concluded: “Medicines to treat heartburn and reflux eliminate the secretion of acids in the stomach, they do not necessarily solve the problem but only ease the burning sensation. In cases of inflammation of the stomach, taking medication allows the body to cope and recover more easily, and this is because there is no acid stimulation directly on the inflammation.”