Iran is at the top of Mossad’s priorities’ says head of spy agency


Iran is at the top of Mossad’s priorities’ says head of spy agency

Yossi Cohen says Tehran’s nuclear ambition and entrenchment in the region presents a challenge to Israel’s national intelligence agency

Yossi Cohen, the head of  The Israeli Mossad says Iran is the number one priority for the national intelligence agency. Speaking at the ceremony awarding outstanding employees of the Mossad this evening at Beit HaNasi Cohen said the Islamic Republic is “at the top the Mossad’s work priorities.”

“All Iranian nuclear, long-range missile and precision missile activities, its regional spread and its support for terrorist organizations are a challenge to the security of the State of Israel and its citizens.”

Cohen adds “The entire Mossad, the men and women operatives who are at the sharp end of the work, the technology and intelligence bodies, the security and logistics as well as those dealing with human resources, all work together as a single fist to ensure success. I make a personal commitment, as well as on behalf of the Mossad’s employees, that we will continue in this way, committed to our security and from a love of the people and the land,” he said.

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