Israel Lets The U.S. Deploy Iron Dome Missile Defense In The Persian Gulf


Israel Lets The U.S. Deploy Iron Dome Missile Defense In The Persian Gulf

The Iranians have been getting more and more aggressive in the Gulf.

The Israeli government has granted the United States military its permission to deploy an Iron Dome Missile Defense Battery in the Persian Gulf. The Iron Dome was developed by Israel. Israel Hebrew daily Haaretz made the report.

We have heard about the Iron Dome systems for years. It was used to shoot down missiles launched by Hezbollah against Israel during the Lebanon War in 2006. And it is used regularly to defend Israel from shorter range missiles launched by Hamas out of Gaza.

The reason for the need to deploy the Irone Dome anti-missile technology in the Persian Gulf is obvious. Iran. The Iranians have been agitating lately, even going so far as to commandeer a South Korean freighter. All shipping in the Gulf has been threatened in recent years. Observers site former President Trump’s canceling the nuclear accords reached between America and Iran by his predecessor, as well as Donald Trump’s public fermentation of unrest with the Iranians, as the reason for all of this.

The Americans also need to be worried about shorter range missiles used by terrorist groups and armies alike.

The Iron Dome system was developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. That company has plans to open a production line in the U.S. in partnership with the Massachusetts-based defense contractor Raytheon Technologies Corp. According to the report in Haaretz the two companies will now produce new anti-missile batteries for use by countries other than the United States.

Just last November the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) in the Directorate of Defense R&D of Israel’s Ministry of Defense delivered to the US Army the first Multi-Mission Radars (MMR) manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) unit ELTA Systems. This is part of the famed Iron Dome anti-missile system.

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Israel’s MMR is a mobile S-Band Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) family featuring an advanced 3D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) for Air Defense (AD) and Artillery Weapon Location (WLR) missions.

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