Israel Meat-Tech Invests €1 Million ($1.18 Million) In European Firm Peace of Meat


So Startup Nation’s Meat-Tech invests in a European firm? Go Startup Nation!

Meat-Tech 3D Ltd is an Israeli company which uses 3D printing tech to make meat from cell cultures. It just invested $1.18 million in Peace of Meat, a Belgian developer of cultured fat products.

So Peace of Meat will provide the cells that Meat-Tech uses to produce fake meat.

In a time when environmentalists point out the hidden costs of worldwide meat consumption, companies like Meat-Tech are finding solutions. The expansion in beef and poultry production has had the unintended consequence of adding to world pollution.

The animals leave behind a great deal of waste. They also produce greenhouse gases.

And there is also the problem of animal abuse. Animal rights activists point out that much of the world’s beef, poultry and eggs are produced today in industrial facilities where the animals are mistreated.

Traditional vegetarian alternatives are not so healthy or environmentally friendly themselves. Their contents are difficult to farm and the frozen foods have all manner of additives and artificial ingredients.

But now with so called “cloned” meat, or meat made in a lab, there can be mass production without harming or killing any animals, nor any of the environmental problems.

And vegetarians can eat the meat because no animals are killed.

It is also great for Jews who keep kosher which means no mixing of any dairy with meat and poultry. This machine made meat is not considered to be real meat for the purpose of kashrut and as such may be mixed with dairy.

But the real story here is how an Israeli Startup all of two years old is investing in a European company. And Meat-Tech hopes to soon fully acquire Peace of Meat.

Startup Nation has really come a long way in the last 30 years.

“Expediting the development of a broader range of cultured fat options will accelerate our go-to-market plans and support our current activities while opening the door to new product opportunities,” said Sharon Fima, CEO and CTO of Meat-Tech.

“Meat-Tech believes that hybrid products, such as plant-based burgers made with cultured fat, may prove to be an exciting new product category. Such fats may offer improved aromas, flavors and textures as compared to purely plant-based proteins. Completing this acquisition will add technological capabilities to support Meat-Tech’s core center-of-plate product offering.” added Steve H. Lavin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meat-Tech.

“POM shares the strategic vision of Meat-Tech 3D and is excited to join forces. We are convinced that the strong scientific and commercial synergies between both parties paired with our approach of creating hybrid products based on savory cultured fats is the perfect setting to bring cultured meat to market in an increasingly competitive space” said David Brandes, Managing Director of Peace of Meat.

About Meat-Tech 3D

Meat-Tech 3D (TASE: MEAT) is a research and development company aiming to develop commercial and sustainable technologies to manufacture alternative proteins with no need for animal slaughter. Meat-Tech is developing a unique, proprietary bioprinter to deposit layers of cells (including stem cells and differentiated stem cells), scaffolding, and cell nutrients in a three-dimensional form of structured cultured meat, often called “clean meat” or “cultured meat”.

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