Israeli consulting group Tefen closing mega infrastructure project in Dubai worth $200 million


Israeli consulting group Tefen closing mega infrastructure project in Dubai worth $200 million

Mally Bitzur-Parnes, CEO and Partner at Tefen / Photo credit Anat Kazula, PR

Starting in August, Israeli consulting group Tefen is expected to build a smart industrial zone in Dubai, as PMO.

The mega project is a collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation in Dubai and Tefen. It will cover about 1,200 dunams, a technological incubator for innovative startups in the chemical and metal industries, and state-of-the-art factories operated by robots with almost no human contact.

According to the agreement, Tefen will help implement advanced construction technologies, streamlining processes, and cut costs throughout the operation chain. It will also consult in constructing roads and infrastructure, improving accessibility solutions for geographically detached populations developing command-and-control systems for project management.
Tefen is also bidding on a tender for the construction of a new airport in Dubai.

Four months ago, Tefen announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Dubai with an investment of millions of dollars.
These days the company is in advanced stages to establish more branches in adjacent countries, in order to establish its global status.

All this, together with Tefen’s reputation as a veteran and leading Israeli consulting company with international experience and knowledge in innovation, is expected to assist in taking on and managing the project
Meanwhile, Tefen is considering further development of the Group in India and Germany as well, and is interested in opening more subsidiaries in these countries

“We’re in the final stages of signing the deal,” said Mally Bitzur-Parnes, CEO and Partner at Tefen in a statement. “This is just a part of Tefen’s growing strategy. We regularly receive inquiries for managing vast projects, not only in Dubai. We are examining all the proposals and believe that in a short time we will announce activities in other places in the world as well

Founded in 1982, Tefen Group considered the largest consulting company in Israel with over 4,000 clients and branches in Asia, the United States, and the United Arab.

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