Israeli Startup Fixel AI Bought By Logiq


Israeli Startup Fixel AI Bought By Logiq

Fixel makes yet another exit for Startup Nation.

Logiq, Inc. (OTCQX: LGIQ), a global provider of eCommerce and Fintech solutions, has acquired Israel’s Fixel AI, an innovator of AI-powered digital marketing technology. The price was not disclosed.

So how do you know exactly how much traffic your site gets and who are the people coming to it? What are the demographics of your web site’s visitors? And how can you know what the visitors are doing exactly once they reach your site?

All of this is important for any website which depends on advertising to generate revenue.

Founded in 2017 Fixel offers a fully automated audience segmentation tool that ranks a website audience according to their level of engagement. The company states that its platform learns how users interact with a client’s site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, highlights only those visitors that matter most.

So as with everything Pixels uses complex algorithms to analyze dozens of parameters of user interaction on a website, in real-time. The company says that it can then be able to sort users into different groups based on their level of engagement directly into your current ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and any other ad platform.

“Fixel empowers marketing teams to optimize their campaigns in a customized way unlike any other marketing segmentation and retargeting solution on the market today,” stated Logiq CEO, Tom Furukawa.

“This unique technology greatly complements and enhances our Logiq AI-powered consumer intent engine, which captures and directs consumers from multiple sources who are in the market to purchase a particular product or service. We have begun to introduce Fixel to our customer base of enterprises and major brands, and are already seeing a strong positive response.”

“The marketing and advertising industry is headed for a perfect storm created by these new privacy restrictions and a post COVID-19 world,” noted Fixel co-founder and CEO, Etgar Shpivak, who will head up Logiq’s new Fixel unit.

“As Google and Apple increasingly restrict access to users, and with the pandemic driving more online website traffic but from visitors without any true buying intent, companies are being forced to find better ways to maximize their return on ad spend.”

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