Israeli startup GiantLeap, a platform for children cognitive development test, has raised $900K pre-seed


GiantLeap developed a system that collects developmental measurements from children through a cognitive gaming app at home

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Israeli startup GiantLeap, a science-backed platform for children cognitive development test, has raised  $900K pre-seed.

Investors including GoAhead Ventures, Legitimate have learned. Also participated in the round of funding Fusion LA, the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Center, and US private investors.

Founded in 2018 by Nadav Goshen and Ori Hofnung, GiantLeap designed a platform in collaboration with its strategic partner, the Texas Medical Center, where parents come for evaluation of their children’s cognitive development, including social behavior, language, motor skills, and brain functioning from home, without having to visit the clinic.

The company’s system collects developmental metrics on the children with the help of an app in which they play a series of cognitive games that last about 20 minutes.

Giant Lip’s system collects this data, and in combination with subjective feedback collected from parents and other external factors – such as teachers, for example – it produces a comprehensive ‘map’ of skills and abilities for each child.

The evaluation results are used to deliver a concise action plan of best-suited content, products, and services for the children. It also
Analyze the children’s progress.

The scientific results obtained as part of the diagnosis are simplified into intuitive language, to allow parents to understand in which areas their children are having difficulty, thus helping them to improve, and in which areas they are stronger to nurture them.

that communicate through a common data structure. The first interface
The system consists of two interfaces. One is designed for the child and consists of a series of games that are advanced diagnoses that have been gamified to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for the child in the family home without professional supervision.

The second interface is intended for the parent and contains a series of questionnaires to which the parent responds in order to understand the child’s functioning at home and in educational settings. The data collected analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm that provide the parent with a map of the capabilities and customized content for the child.

Giant Lip launched its beta product in the US in February 2020, and more than 2,000 children and parents are already using the platform every month.

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