Israeli Startup Inteligels Has Made A New Painless Bandage


New Israeli Startup Inteligels has developed a painless instant bandage made from a smart polymer. The bandage provides a simple wound coating for cuts, burns, diabetic pressure ulcers, post-operative lesions, and field wounds. The company boasts that its product “fits wounds of any shape or size by creating a flexible bandage substitute that turns to liquid by means of a simple trigger.”

You know that old adage? “It’s like pulling off a band aid. Just rip it off quickly so it won’t hurt so much.” Well now imagine a painless bandage. And one that can be used on all sorts of wounds, not just small cuts.

The company has raised $2 Million in investments.

Other applications for Inteligels’ smart materials include environmentally friendly tampons, smart liquid clothing, and transparent hemostats.

Prodesor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Chemistry is the scientist behind the new material. His web page explains that there is a wide variety of polymers which are used in the human body, in direct contact with its organs, tissues and fluids. These materials are called Biomedical Polymers. The use of polymers in a diversity of clinical disciplines, such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and cardiovascular surgery, poses unique and extremely severe requirements, where chemical, physical and biological issues are inherently interrelated.

Inteligel’s CEO Yair Sapir told Geektime, “As with state of matter characteristics, the formulation is designed so that at a certain temperature, PH level, or by other triggers, allows for the formulation to safely release the ‘locked up’ material onto the surrounding environment.”

Yair Sapir is the Chief Operating Officer at Biond Biologics LTD.

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