Israeli Starup Meat-Tech Successfully Printed Carpaccio Sliced Meat From Stem Cells


Meat-Tech added that they are on their way to printing a 100-gram (quarter pound) steak, without harming animals.

Israeli Meat-Tech announced today (Monday) its scientists had successfully bioprinted a thin, uniform, slaughter-free meat tissue produced from stem cells.

Meat-Tech has reached a substantial product milestone by printing a layer of meat combining both muscle and fat cells that successfully fused. The company’s next milestone is printing a 100-gram (quarter pound) steak, without harming animals.

Meat-Tech is aiming to develop commercial technologies to manufacture alternative foods with no need for animal butchery, based on rapid growth cycles.

As part of the experiment dubbed “Project Carpaccio,” Meat-Tech researchers developed the entire growth process of the tissue components muscle and fat extracted from stem cells. and then printing using a 3D printer, developed in house.

The company recorded three achievements including sorting stem cells into fat and muscle cells, creating meat-like tissue, producing bio-inks to print meat texture, simulating animal-sourced meat.

Meat-Tech’s Chairman, Steven H. Lavin, said, “Completing this significant milestone earlier than anticipated is a significant technological achievement for Meat-Tech, bringing it one step closer to developing technology to build slaughter-free meat-growing plants combined with printing technology, and demonstrating the company’s ability to print fat and muscle cells to build tissue.”

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