Israelis financially compensated after Hamas war disrupts public buses


The Transportation Ministry will grant refunds to users of public transportation who had monthly passes on October 7, the day Operation Swords of Iron, Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza, began.

Due to the recruitment of drivers and buses, public transportation activity significantly decreased during the initial period of the war.

The refund will only be credited to the card when it is reloaded, as it will not be automatically entered. While there has been an increase in the use of apps to pay for public transport over the past year, most users still utilize the Rav-Kav card.

How can Israeli bus pass users get refunds due to the war with Hamas?

Cardholders with monthly passes before the war have three options to receive credit or a discount:

  1. Option one is to load a new pass equivalent to the remaining balance of the previous one. For example, if a person had a monthly purchased on September 9, valid until October 17, they would receive a new pass for the remaining 10 days.
  2. Another option is to receive a discount on future monthly passes, based on how many days were left in the pass. For instance, if there were 10 days left, they will receive a 33.3% discount on a new one. This benefit can reach hundreds of shekels for those using the more expensive routes, such as ones allowing for unlimited travel for distances of 75 km or more, costing up to NIS 610 per month.
  3. The third option is to receive credit on the Rav-Kav to the tune of 70% of the remaining monetary value, depending on the number of days left on the pass. For example, if there are 10 days remaining, they will receive 23.33% of the value as a monetary credit on their Rav-Kav.

These options will be available until March 31, 2024.

Rav-Kav Card (Credit: Official Site)

In addition, university students who were supposed to start the academic year in October and held year pass or semester pass will receive a full refund if they request to cancel the subscription by December 22, 2023.

Refunds can be received through the Rav-Kav charging mobile apps, such as Rav-Kav Online and Hofan, as well as at Rav-Kav charging machines located throughout Israel.