Israel’s Assuta permitted to expand IVF operations following scandals

Science and Health

The Health Ministry has decided to allow the private Assuta-Ramat Hahayal Hospital to increase the scope of its in-vitro fertilization unit to 25 ova retrieval operations per day. 

The hospital, which had been found negligent in previous case, mixing up the gametes of parents, has improved its functioning, the ministry said in a meeting with Assuta officials. The ministry said it took into consideration the best interests and safety of the patients. 

Illustrative image of Invitro therapy. (credit: PROFESSOR RONIT MECHTINGER)

Open investigation?

Dr. Hagar Mizrahi, head of the ministry’s medical division, had investigated the hospital’s functioning after the scandals became known, and its IVF activities were significantly limited in July. At the beginning of August, after an external consultant was appointed and the unit’s performance improved, it was decided to be more lenient. 

The public hospitals’ IVF units had said that it was difficult for the to meet the demand of women for fertility treatments without the participation of private hospitals.