Israel’s Scoop Footwear to Open 5 Stores in UAE


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Israel’s Scoop shoe store chain has signed a deal to open five new stores in the United Arab Emirates. Calcalist reported that Scoop signed a contract with Bethlehem businessman George Bassus, who already has offices in Dubai, to open its stores there. Scope currently operates 70 branches in Israel.

Only a few weeks old now and Israel’s new peace deal with the UAE is already bringing financial businesses to Israeli companies.

Roni Insaz, CEO of Scope, told Ynet: “The first store will open in March. By 2021, five stores will be opened, also in Abu Dhabi. We hardly sleep. We wanted to be the first there. We’ve been working on the project since we realized there was going to be peace. In a week or two, it will be possible to enter the Emirates with an Israeli passport, and we intend to film the winter 2020 campaign in Abu Dhabi with presenters Lior and Sapir Narkis, who will fly there with a team of 15 people.”

“The campaign will go up in both Israel and Abu Dhabi. I have a connection to Dubai, I was there and I know people there. I emigrated from Iran at the age of 24. In Iran I was a businessman, importer and marketer of musical instruments. I imported electric organs and musical instruments from Dubai, from the free trade area. As part of the work. Even then I saw the great potential. I had people there who collected for me the goods I ordered and sent me to Iran. To this day I am in touch with them.

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“My brother Freddie immigrated to Israel before me and traded in shoes here, and when I immigrated I joined Freddy in the shoe business. We see peace as an excellent momentum for expansion and an engine of economic growth for all Israeli businesses. We are happy to be the first to close an economic deal of this kind.”

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