Israel’s Spike Partner’s with Meta – Facebook



Spike, an Israeli startup that offers new e mail tech, has joined up with Facebook and its Occulus platform to become a part of the new Meta brand that Facebook is becoming. In doing so, Spike says that it is joining the metaverse.

Founded by CEO Dvir Ben Aroya and CTO Erez Pilosof, Spike calls itself a fast paced growing startup. Spike is used by over 150,000 teams worldwide, including teams at Philipps, Shopify, Fiverr, Zillow and more.

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Spike boasts that it will someday be the future of email. The Spike app transforms turns a user’s inbox into a “chat-like interface” and brings a person’s messaging, collaboration, tasks, and video/audio calls into one place. This, says the company, makes it extremely simple to get work done, communicate with team members/clients, stay organized and stay productive.

“Spike ditches the legacy email headers, signatures, and completely cleans up your inbox clutter,” says the company. “So you can concentrate on what’s really important and get productive, even when working remotely.”

The metaverse may sound like something out of a DC or Marvey comic book, but it is not.

Spike says that the “metaverse” is defined as a virtual space where users can interact, create and explore with computer-generated environments and other users. The metaverse, it says, is meant to “bring back human emotion and connection to the time you spend online.”

“Spike believes that the future of the metaverse starts now, and we’ve got an exciting announcement on how we’re streamlining your work in the future.”

As part of its new collaboration, Spike is one of the first 2D productivity apps to launch in the Oculus Store, as Facebook broadens the types of apps in the Store to include 2D panel apps that can be used in Home on Quest 2.

Spike’s 2D app on Oculus Quest 2 brings Spike’s next generation communication and collaboration features into a virtual desk. “When you log in, you’ll have virtual “tools” that enhance your work routine,” boasts the company. “In other words – you will be able to collaborate with your colleagues, create shared projects, and meet with clients as if you were actually in the office. With these 2D services remote work won’t feel so remote anymore.”

Sivan Kaspi, the head of marketing at Spike, stated in a blog post, “Spike’s vision is to transform the way we connect in all settings. Today many people have lost human connection by hiding behind screens as they work remotely. Spike allows you to bring back personal communication and seamless collaboration with those around you in the workplace. Your digital workspace won’t feel as if you are disconnected behind a screen.”