Israel’s UN amb. to present new drone technologies to diplomats


Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan is slated to host an event at the UN headquarters in Manhattan on Wednesday to showcase drone technologies to ambassadors from around the world. 

The event is a collaboration between Israel’s mission to the UN, Israel’s National Drone Initiative led by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Israel’s Innovation Authority, Ayalon Highways, and the Civil Aviation Authority. The event will take place within the Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum of the UN’s Economic and Social Council.

At the event, Israeli drone companies will present the “sky of tomorrow” – an airspace with a drone network – and discuss the main international challenges that they will help solve. A panel of experts and Israeli technology companies that manufacture and operate drones and develop technologies for managing air traffic will also be featured. Drone technologies presented will include the ability to make deliveries from the air to the doorstep.

Erdan noted the importance of Israeli drones, especially amid current world events. 

“At a time when Iran is sending drones to kill innocent civilians in Ukraine, the State of Israel promotes the use of drones for national and public needs – to distribute medicine, to transport goods and food for urgent supply needs, and even to fly passengers,” he said.

An Israeli soldier observes as a military drone takes off. (credit: IDF)

“Israel is a powerhouse of technology and innovation and we are happy to share our knowledge with the world,” Erdan continued. 

Attempts to combat ‘immense bias at the United Nations’

Wednesday’s drone showcase comes as part of a series of events Erdan has hosted since taking office in 2020 to promote Israeli innovation to his colleagues. Last year, as scores of UN ambassadors from around the world gathered to taste Israeli innovations in the food-tech sector – cream cheese made without cow’s milk, chickpea-based meat, vegan eggs, macadamia milk – Erdan urged the diplomats to etch the delectable event into their memories.

“There is immense bias at the United Nations,” Erdan told approximately 150 ambassadors, officials and Jewish leaders at the time. “As representatives of your states that sometimes vote, singling out Israel,” he urged them to remember this event.

“Beyond being a refuge for a people still suffering from prejudice and violence, Israel is a hub of innovation with the goal of contributing to solving the world’s problems. Israel should be singled out, but only for the immense good it is bringing to the world.”

Haley Cohen contributed to this report.