Israel’s Vulcan Cyber Provides Cyber Security in an SaaS Platform


Israel’s Vulcan Cyber Provides Cyber Security in an SaaS Platform

The company just raised $21 million.

Vulcan Security Leaders (Company Pic)

Vulcan Cyber is an Israeli startup which offers a vulnerability remediation orchestration platform for application and cloud security. The company boasts that it is the only one currently offering this service. It just raised $21 million in a Series B round led by Dawn Capital with participation from Wipro Ventures and existing Vulcan Cyber investors YL Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures.

Vulcan states that its platform orchestrates and tracks the remediation lifecycle from scan to fix by prioritizing vulnerabilities, curating and delivering the best remedies, and automating processes and fixes through the last mile of remediation. Vulcan Cyber helps IT security teams collaborate and “get fix done” at scale. The Vulcan Cyber remediation orchestration platform uses step-by-step, orchestrated workflows and automation to fix vulnerabilities quickly and at scale with the tools already in use by DevOps, IT and security teams.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Hackers are not only motivated by money or politics. They often just like being malicious. So even small companies need to be on their guard and be sure to properly protect their systems. In recent months two different Israeli companies were ransomware attacks by the Black Shadow hackers.

Ransomware works by taking control of a victim’s computer or even the entire systems of a private organization through a type of computer virus. The attackers then extort a fee in exchange for returning control of the computers affected to their owners.

And extortion is not the only problem. As always companies need to be concerned with their proprietary information getting stolen. Whether the specs for some new system or device which has yet to be copyrighted, lists of customers and their needs and fees that they pays which can be used by a competitor to steal away these clients, or something just plain embarrassing, every organization needs to be concerned with their information security. Remember the Sony hack a few years ago and how badly it made the company’s execs look? Even nonprofits which do not have much to hide can be victimized.

And everything is going into the cloud these days. Do you use Google Docs, or any of the other Google services? Well then all of your files are stored in servers located around the world. The same thing is also now true with MS Office which offers customers cloud based software services. Notebook computers have always had a limited storage capacity. And more and more people are switching to tablets which do not offer the same services as a computer. So cloud services will soon be standard.

And Startup Nation has plenty of new companies to help both private individuals and big organizations protect themselves from hackers. Israel’s Cybersecurity Firm SentinelOne is planning its IPO which the company expects will get it a valuation of $10 billion. Founded in 2014, Israel’s PerimeterX is a provider of application security solutions that it boasts keep your web business safe in the complex digital world.

Israel’s Curv, which offers a cloud based platform for securely managing cryptocurrencies, was just bought out by PayPal for more than $200 million. Israeli startup Aqua Security and Axonius, an Israeli cybersecurity startup, both recently hit unicorn status valuations above $1 billion.

Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Vulcan Cyber CEO and co-founder said of his company, “The launch of Vulcan Free underscores the Vulcan Cyber philosophy that vulnerability prioritization is not an end goal, but simply one element in proper remediation. Vulcan Free changes decades-old market dynamics that only focus on vulnerability identification instead of driving remediation outcomes. Remediation orchestration is the only viable way to deliberately align vulnerability management with the needs of digital business and cloud and application environments.”

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