Ivanka Trump Business Benefitted In China After Trump Elected, First Daughter Headed to Minneapolis


In 2018 18 trademarks were awarded to companies linked to President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump by the Chinese government.

Charles Kushner son and daughter in law Ivanka Trump

First Daughter Ivanka Trump is headed to Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was killed by police, to bring her father’s “law-and-order” message to the people. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that her brands received fast track treatment for copyrights from the Chinese government after daddy Donald was elected President.

Forbes’ senior editor Dan Alexander reveals in his new book “White House, Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency into a Business,” that just days before she officially assumed the post of White House advisor Ivanka Trump applied for 17 17 new trademarks with the Chinese government. The President then moved to end sanctions against the Chinese company ZTE which had been accused of doing business with Iran and North Korea in violation of sanctions.

By sheer coincidence, soon after the President’s reversal China awarded the younger Trump seven new patents. In 2018 18 trademarks were awarded to companies linked to President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump by the Chinese government.

At the time Ivanka Trump spokesman Peter Mirijanian, stated, “These trademarks were sought to broadly protect Ms. Trump’s name, and to prevent others from stealing her name and using it to sell their products. This is a common trademark practice, which is why the trademark applications were granted.”

Now Ivanka Trump will join Vice President Mike Pence in a visit to Minneapolis in order to promote the President’s law and order policies. The two will host a “listening session” with a “Cops for Trump” group.

“I am excited to head back to the beautiful state of Minnesota to support the President’s campaign,” says Ivanka Trump. “Minnesotans know that President Trump has fought for issues that matter to them, including on trade, supporting American Indian and Native communities, cutting taxes for hardworking families, and increasing access to childcare. The forgotten men and women of America are empowered under President Trump, and he will continue to fight for them for the next four years.”

President Trump won election in 2016 by flipping Minnesota neighbors Wisconsin and Michigan which had previously Democratic. But he did so by the slimmest of margins, surpassing Hillary Clinton by just a few thousand votes. Ever since these two states, along with Pennsylvania, have been crucial to a Trump reelection. Things were looking good until the Corona pandemic wrecked the President’s approval ratings nationwide.

But then cane the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was followed by massive demonstrations and rioting across the country. And then people began to call on the defunding of police forces. This was then seen as an opening for President Trump.

The President is trying to use fear of rioting, support of law and order, and the characterization of Democrats as soft on crime as a wedge issue to bring him more votes in the battleground states.

Rozenia Fuller, a Black pastor at Good News Baptist Church in Minneapolis, supports the visit saying that it would bring more attention to the problems and evoke more interaction between the sides. She told The Star Tribune, “I think that proximity is everything. I think that they need to be here, boots on the ground because they are receiving a false narrative about who we really are and what we really want. I think any movement that cannot withstand the scrutiny of outside forces is a myth, so they are welcome. Everybody is welcome in this space.”

But others are not so positive. “Hate and fear are good for getting votes, but it’s not good for governing,” Paul Eaves, a Minneapolis resident told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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